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Fashion Communications and PR

Conceiving how a well-presented product, service, idea or image affects media, and hence consumers, the Fashion Communications and PR Program offers comprehensive training on fashion brand marketing, fashion communications, public relations, and general fashion culture.

1.5 Months (30 Hours)

Days and Hours
Monday and Wednesday 18:30 - 21:30

Start Date:
4 May 2020


For more information: 
0212 219 41 41 (1114-1217)

An enriching communication plan is a fundamental requirement of all brands and institutions.
The fashion world is in the grip of an accelerating trend, where new communication channels emerge and competition intensifies by the day, and has created a need for the use of effective public relations tools.

With this program, while acquiring a theoretical and practical foundation in public relations and communications, which are crucial for a successful career in fashion, you will discover the responsive, dynamic, unpredictable and challenging, but at the same time fascinating communication world of today.

  • Acquire a strong theoretical foundation in the fashion industry,
  • Have comprehensive knowledge on the techniques and strategies of marketing, branding and communication,
  • Comprehend the role and importance of public relations on brand management,
  • Be able to create a strategic communication plan for brands,
  • Be capable of creating a PR Calendar and budgeting, as well as conducting its analysis and measurement.
  • Gain knowledge on the Media Relations process and how to build a media plan,
  • Know about showroom management,
  • Be able to plan various fashion events to strengthen brand strategy,
  • Be able to build a wide communication network for the industry.
  • Anyone who aims for a career in the field of fashion communication and public relations,
  • Anyone who works in the fields of marketing, communications and brand management,
  • Anyone who works in different areas of the fashion industry and who wants to improve their skills in fashion communication,
  • Anyone who wants to create their own fashion brand.

You can work in PR agencies, retail companies, brands, and various fashion-related organizations and institutions in the fashion industry as:

  • Public Relations Specialist (PR Specialist)
  • Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Brand Specialist
  • Event Specialist

 Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


General Knowledge on Fashion: Starting with examining the history of costume and fashion, this module teaches about key individuals and companies who have created the building blocks of the fashion industry, along with fashion calendars, fashion weeks, fashion capitals and trend following.

Fashion Brand Marketing and Communications: The main topics of this module are the fundamentals of fashion marketing, communications management, brand concept and management, and current branding applications. Presents a foundation in changing consumer behaviors and trends, and the critical importance of market research, as well as cultural and social issues to which PR activities are related from a wide angle.

Fashion Communications and Public Relations: Communications and public relations in fashion focus on the creative communication and promotion of fashion by using a combination of different platforms. This module explains how a well presented product, service, idea or image affects media, and hence consumers, while exploring how to use PR tools in the most effective way.
Starting with determining a strategic communication plan, and building an appropriate PR calendar and budgeting according to this plan, this module mainly addresses Media Relations Management, and Showroom and Event Management.
Examines the issues of determining media strategies, daily media tracking, press kit preparation and distribution, and the mutual use of traditional and digital media channels, as well as social media applications as part of Media Relations Management.
Addresses the exhibition of brands' and designers' products in showrooms, the use of products in different media such as cinema and styling shoots, and finally the power of celebrities on products.
As part of Event Management, the module improves planning skills for organizing press days and fashion weeks, fashion shows and fair organizations, special selling days and different activities.
Different PR applications, crisis management, and social responsibility studies are among other topics that are addressed in this section.

Project: At the end of the program, prepare a project on making an annual communications plan of a fashion or designer brand will be prepared, in consultation with trainers. This project will present with a chance to materialize what has been learned throughout the program, and will be also an important reference that you can use in professional life.