MASTER CLASS: FASHION DESIGN | İstanbul Moda Akademisi




6,5 months - 200 Hours

Start Date

5 November 2024

Day and Time

Tuesday - Thursday
18:30 - 21:30


Wednesday - Thursday

18:30 - 21:30


Program Language

Turkish / English


Master Class: What is Fashion Design Training?

Hundreds of fashion design students graduate from fashion design departments of universities that deliver art education in Turkey.

Well then, are young people who are about to complete their fashion and design education ready to step in the industry?

Many of the graduates in Turkey who have received fashion design education have difficulty in stepping in professional life because the education they receive is in general scope. The most important problem is constituted by the inadequacies in practice. New graduates having difficulty in the process from collection preparation to its presentation and to reaching sales channels need assistance in getting to know the industry, preparing their first collection, presenting the collections they prepare, creating and ensuring sustainability of their own brands.

Master Class: Fashion Design is a program that equips young people who are at the stage of completing fashion design education with the qualifications needed by the industry and prepares them to be exactly ready to step in fashion world. Young designers attending the program that mainly includes practical lessons get to know the market they will design for, find the opportunity to cooperate with the organizations and famous fashion designers in the industry; learn how to create a collection, introduce their collections to the industry and press during İstanbul Fashion Week or their special fashion parades, create their own brands.


The main purpose of the program functioning as a bridge between academy and industry is to raise professionals who have the ability to combine their creativity, knowledge and managerial skills with the manufacturing world. The program intended for preparing young designers for the current and real fashion world enables participants to experience entire fashion design and management process extending from designing and applying collections of professional nature to merchandising, marketing, sales and communication.

  • It provides guidance when you are preparing your first personal collections.
  • Helps to find your design identity.
  • Introduces the industry and the market where you will present your designs.
  • mproves your entrepreneurship and fashion management skills.
  • Strengthens the connection between your creativity, vision and individual identity.
  • Enables you to determine your place and role in global fashion system.
  • Enables you to connect with the notable people in fashion industry.
  • Allows students selected in jury presentation to experience a parade at Fashion Week Istanbul.
  • have gained a viewpoint of creation and management of a designer brand,
  • have prepared your personal collection,
  • have enhanced your fashion management and entrepreneurship skills and have experienced to apply these skills to the brand you wish to create yourself,
  • have a chance to present your collection at Istanbul Fashion Week.
  • Prospective designers of the future who wish to take place in fashion industry, graduates of fashion schools,
  • Graduates of fashion design and textile departments of universities,
  • Fashion Designer
  • Creative director
  • Trend Analyst

Prospective designers who wish to take place in fashion industry, graduates of fashion and design departments of universities and graduates of fashion schools can apply for the program. Participants are selected through interviewing and they are required to attend the interview with their portfolios. Basic level English is required. Master Class: Those who meet the application criteria for Fashion Design Program are selected for the program through portfolio and interview evaluations.


1. Collection Design and Manufacturing

Collection design starts with design process and simultaneously research of fabric and materials planned to be used in application. The process consists of design, manufacturing and manufacturing management stages. Application also takes an important place as much as design.

Turkish designer trainer and a project leader working for leading brands of international fashion industry take part in collection design and planning process. Trainer and consultant provide guidance for ensuring collections of participants are designed and applied in line with global fashion approach and with modern, professional qualifications. An intensive program content is delivered to enable participants to create their own brands and ensure sustainability of both their collections and brands in this journey.

It is aimed to create collections in line with trends and expectations of the industry. Upon commencement of creative process, pattern, fabric and if any, supplementary works such as fabric manipulations, embroideries, stitchery etc. come into play. Once creative patterns come out, application process of collection models start.



2. Design Management and Communication

In Fashion Design Management and Communication lessons, it is intended to take designers out of experiential structure of managerial process of their own collections and enable them to reach the level of professional standards. In order to create a bridge of perception and awareness between creativity, production and sales in terms of the brand concept and brand management, research and examinations are carried out on the market positioning of brand strategies and financial infrastructure. Pilot schemes are performed supported by the examples in international and national brands.



3. New Gen Parade / Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Special Jury Presentation

Collection is prepared considering the spring-summer season of the next year, presentation is made for selection for New Gen Parade in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week İstanbul (MBFWI) calendar by a jury including specialists from various areas of the industry. Presentation is the first meeting of achievements gained throughout the education with the industry in professional terms. Selected designers prepare for New Gen Fashion Parade. In the presentation, designs produced on professional models are displayed and designers are allowed to introduce themselves with their portfolios.