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İMA Library Unit is the first and most comprehensive fashion library in Turkey, with a collection of almost 11.000 publications. It was opened in 2008 in order to rectify the enormous deficiency of fashion publications, both in terms of quality and quantity. İMA Library directly supports education, research and the intellectual improvement of the students with its rich sources that touch upon subjects required by the textile and fashion industry, such as fashion and fashion designers, history of fashion, pattern, sewing, fashion management and marketing, fashion photography, drawing and design, portfolio techniques, arts, history of arts, management sciences, and culture and cultural studies.

Open to fashion professionals, sectorial users and external users as well as İMA students, the library offers a collection of 6514 books, 3750 e-book, 56 periodicals, 20 e-magazine, 624 multimedia materials, 8 prospective trend publications as well as electronic magazines.

This collection is becoming richer and richer every day, thanks to the contribution of current industrial publications and new additions.

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