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Educational Environment


Educational Environment

İMA offers services at the historical Sadrazam Sait Paşa Konağı, now furnished with cutting edge technology, in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, right in the heart of fashion. Students at İMA explore their skills through projects fashioned together with the leading figures of the industry, famous designers and influential companies, while creating an industrial network and grabbing job opportunities during internships. 

İMA academics is comprised of local and international professionals who have accumulated distinctive experience on International platforms.

Every project aims the development of artistic, professional and intellectual capacity of the students and in parallel with this aim, the educational content is promoted with seminars, tours, exhibitions and presentations. Also hosting art events, some at international level, İMA has come to the forefront as a notable cultural platform of the city that unifies the worlds of fashion, design and arts.

Trainings at İMA take place in application rooms equipped with high technology supporting the improvement of the students such as photography studio, CAD-CAM studio, PC and MAC studios, Sewing, Pattern and Digital Printing Workshops as well as design studios.

İMA’s education philosophy aims at student's efficient use of personal research and learning methods. Relevant research projects and presentation preparations support fashion with cultural, scientific and management theories, thus positioning fashion as an inter-disciplinary course of studies.

MOODLE is available at İMA, a Course Management System, where students are allowed to make class preparations and have access to all necessary information and applications such as curriculum, class documentation, reading lists and course notes. A significant tool for efficient and timely communication, Moodle Virtual Campus Program helps active follow-up of course content and is an interactive education method based on discussion forums. It also facilitates the communication between trainers and students.

The content of İMA’s education programs is based on a forward-thinking approach to fashion, crafted in a way to tackle the current demands and issues in the industry. Such content is also supported by practice-centered projects, case studies and professionals’ participation. İMA students are therefore privileged through becoming active witnesses to, and participants in, industrial activities, acquiring project outputs and creating contacts with the high-profile figures of the industry.