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Terms Of Use and Membership


Terms Of Use and Membership

The library not only aims to fulfill trainers and students demands for information and documentation but also offers its collection to external users, in order to provide information in any format the textile and apparel industry requires. 

İMA students, who are enrolled in long-term programs, may present their student identity cards to register in the library. Likewise, trainers and administrative personnel are free to use the library, upon producing their corporate IDs. Those members can benefit from the publications in the library, or borrow books and multimedia sources, as conditions may apply. The library publications may be scanned, multiplied and copied under respective copyrights, in consideration of a certain fee.

Multimedia sources may be displayed on TV’s with DVD players installed in the designated hall.

Outside Users

The library is open to public use. Anyone could use İMA Library for research, analysis and familirization purposes during working hours. For group visits, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance.