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Electronic Resources


Electronic Resources

Within the library one can electronically access to some of the printed magazines for which İMA library has subscription and databases. There is also an access to the full texts of the thesis published on fashion/ textile in the past years.

Stylesight : It is an electronic publication delivered via Internet. Its technology-based format serves the purpose of identification and revelation of influential trends in design. It is prepared by a New York based company. İMA terminals provide access to the source. Visit www.stylesight.com for further information.

Fashion Practice:The Journal of Design, Creative Process the Fashion : It is a magazine touching upon the recent innovations in fashion design and applications, sustainability of the fashion industry, micro and nanotechnologies in the scope of fashion, material, design and processes, and the recent changes in fashion and retail. There is an access to all the volumes that have been published since 2009.  

Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body Culture : In this magazine, cultural studies, art history, literary criticism, anthropology, history of fashion, gender mainstreaming studies and folkloric studies are blended with fashion theory; and our library provides an access to all the volumes of the magazine that have been published since 1997.  

Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture : Access is available to all the volumes of that magazine published as of 2003, which addresses gender and identity, costume, body and architecture, technology, techno-design and applications within the framework of material and visual culture.