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Design Workshop

This training programme which is intended for 18-25 age group plans to develop fashion perception and awareness, consists of three parts.

Duration: 2 weeks
Tuition Fee: 400 Euro

Day and time:
Weekdays 10.00 – 17.00

Language: Turkish

Dates: 28 June 2021 - 9 July 2021

In the first part, which starts with basic fashion information, fashion concepts, style and trends, participants choose a theme in line with these basic information and create a moodboard, sketchbook and color charts. They conduct research and application on the distribution of colors within the collection and they make creative collage techniques and building blocks of the mini collection.


Introduction to Fashion Design

Informations about introduction to fashion design and primary concepts

Styles and Trends

The differences created by today's important brands and the origins of trends will be examined

Creating Moodboard

Determining the target audience, collecting visual images in line with the theme, making color board

Sketchbook Creation Techniques
Drawing Techniques

Drawign fashion silhouette, drawing body details and preparing fashion figures

Color Perception

Color harmonies, color groups and tones

Mini Collection

Examining basic fashion forms and preparing a mini collection accordingly

Materials Needed

  • Black Stabilo
  • 2B, 4B, HB Pencil
  • Markers, Colored Pencils, Water Color. (You can prefer two type)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 15-20 Pieces of A3 Paper
  • Dough Eraser
  • Textured Papers
  • Colored Acetate Papers
  • Tracing Papers
  • USB
  • Ruler
  • Pins

For more detailed information:
Melek Çalışmaz
Academic Training Sales Administrator
+90212 2194141 (1215)