Pattern Cutting and Modelling in Fashion Design | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Pattern Cutting and Modelling in Fashion Design

2 years  (1200 hours)

Day and Time  

Weekdays 3,5  days

(Friday ½ day  / online English)                         
Full Day: 9:30 - 16:30
Half-Day: 09:30 - 12:30

Starting Date
21 October 2024



With a view to become a professional Modelist, with this program you will understand the needs of the industry, comprehend the outcomes of creative process, produce creative solutions, improve your technical skills by using design program on the computer.

You will be equipped with pattern and application areas as well as skills by which you will be able to use technology efficiently and effectively and you will be taught with an educational approach which focuses on formation of the final product in the best way and by which you will comprehend the whole fashion design process.

  • be able to cut patterns by hand using different techniques,
  • enhance your skills in the field of pattern cutting techniques,
  • be able to use pattern cutting program effectively on the computer,
  • have learned how to cut pattern on the computer,
  • be able to use computer aided design program,
  • have gained the ability to sew a sample and fit with it,
  • gain the ability to understand and effectively interpret technical sheets,
  • have vocational technical English knowledge.
  • Graduates of Fashion Design and Technologies field of Vocational High Schools
  • Graduates of Fashion Design departments of Vocational Colleges
  • Those who have knowledge of basic pattern cutting and sewing techniques and wish to improve themselves in these fields

They can work as a Modelist, Assistant Modelist, Technical Designer and Design Assistant at the companies in fashion industry.

Participants are required to have knowledge of basic skirt, pants, upper body pattern cutting and sewing techniques. Discovering young talents, offering them a bright future, supporting them on their way and bringing young people talented in design area into the industry take an important place in corporate culture of İstanbul Fashion Academy. Scholarship opportunities are the most important element of this support to young people.

Applicants filing for scholarship are given an applied exam. They are requested to apply the patterns of the model provided to them and their knowledge of pattern is tested. Candidates who wish to take advantage of scholarship must apply in person to İMA and necessary interviews with them are also made at İMA.

During the program, participants receive training in a framework that will enable them to specialize in pattern cutting techniques as well as understanding the needs of the industry and improving their skills.


1st YEAR

Techniques for Pattern Cutting by Hand 1-2-3

  • Terminology of techniques for pattern cutting 
  • Pattern cutting through various pattern systems
  • Fitting techniques
  • Cutting basic skirt, pants, shirt, dress patterns
  • Various model applications

Computerized Pattern Cutting Techniques (ASSYST)  1-2-3

  • Pattern program menu identification on computer 
  • Basic pattern cutting
  • Model application and problem solving
  • Preparing fabric spreading plan

Sewing Application Techniques 1-2-3

  • Technical sewing applications on different textile surfaces 
  • Sample preparation

Textile technology

  • Textile Fibers
  • Basic surface structures (Knitted/Woven/Surfaces without Texture)
  • Dyeing, Printing and Finishing Operations

 General Knowledge of Fashion

  • Historical development fashion
  • Fashion and social identity
  • Fashion trends and styles
  • Fashion industry in Turkey and fashion cycle in the world

Technical Drawing 1

  • Information on technical drawing and measurement points
  • Garment terminology
  • Basic technical drawing forms

Technical Drawing 2

  • Preparing technical drawing over theme board work
  • Technical drawing with model application
  • Detail works on technical sheet

Vocational English 1

  • Technical terms in English used in textile and ready wear
2nd YEAR

Techniques for Pattern Cutting By Hand 4-5-6

  • Pattern cutting works with model application
  • Model applications for shirt, jacket and coat patterns

Computerized Pattern Cutting Techniques (ASSYST)  4-5-6

  • Pattern cutting with model application 
  • Cutting .dxf patterns
  • Working out .dxf patterns on 3D programs

CLO Training

  • Introduction to CLO3D Technology / Interactive Interface Review Simulation
  • Polygon and 3D Pattern Placing
  • Interactive Sewing Principles, Interactive Sewing Applications
  • 3D Fabric and introduction to textile surfaces
  • Digital Pattern Modulation Techniques - I (2D Window)  
  • Simulative Interface Techniques - I (3D Window)   
  • Virtual Product Visualization Works
  • Use of render interface, use of animation interface

Design Research

  • Topic identification and primary/secondary research techniques
  • Creating collage pages
  • Creating theme board / color board / customer profile / mind map

Application (Sewing) Techniques 2

  • Sewing with model applications for shirt, jacket and coat
  • Sewing collection products

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction and applications of menu and tools
  • Image transfer to the computer and arrangement works
  • Demonstrating keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator

  • Drawing applications in Illustrator
  • General filtering methods and use of tex tools
  • Dyeing and arrangement methods 

Collection Creation

  • Collection Planning
  • 3-dimensional texture trials/fabric manipulations
  • Forming design sketches and technical drawings

Draping Techniques

  • Pattern cutting via draping technique on the upper body
  • Different collar works
  • Different sleeve works
  • Cutting corset pattern

Fitting Techniques

  • Fittings and corrections on shirt, pants, dress and jacket patterns
  • Corrections on the pattern

Forming Technical Sheet

  • Necessary Information on technical sheet preparation
  • Sizing on the product
  • Forming manufacturing sheet