Portfolio Preparation and Fine Arts Drawing Program | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Portfolio Preparation and Fine Arts Drawing Program

36 Weeks - 384 hours

Day and Time:

Monday 17:30 - 20.30
Wednesday 17:30 - 20.30

Starting Date:
4 November 2024



With this program by which you will learn about fine arts principles of art and design schools existing mainly in Turkey but also abroad, you will improve your drawing skills as well as doing applications to develop your creative identity and vision.

You will be ready for talent exams of fine art faculties you are interested in with the information and skills that you will gain by experiencing, from research applications to basic art works, from design applications and collection project to presentation techniques.

  • have combined your ideas with visual communication skills,
  • have improved your drawing skills,
  • be ready for Fine Arts Admission Exams.
  • Last year high school students or newly high school graduates who wish to receive training at İMA and similar domestic/overseas fashion training institutions or in
  • Textile and fashion design
  • Textile
  • Scenes and costume
  • departments of Fine Arts Faculties of Universities and are preparing for talent exams, and those who will newly start drawing training or continue to develop themselves in this area.



Basic Art

In basic art training; basic principles and concepts of art are addressed and it is intended to improve students’ creative power, observation ability and ability to express their emotions through art.

Basic Art Principles:

  • Pattern works
  • Drawing expression techniques
  • Composition studies
  • Texture research and pattern works
  • Form seeking works
  • Free composition
  • Color theory and applications
  • Charcoal drawing techniques
  • Portrait works
  • Anatomy studies
  • Imaginary figure and object compositions
  • Painting techniques with different materials (water color - ecoline - marker - gouache)

Dimensional Artistic Works

  • 3-D work is performed that defines one’s self vision best through free material selection.
  • Creating image / 3-dimensional image is created.

Research and Visual Language Creation

Ways of thinking are developed based on basic design principles and processes of design principles are handled.

  • Thinking structure focusing on Basic Design is built.
  • Design processes are conveyed.
  • Design processes with different texture and materials are developed.
  • Color theory and applications are performed.
  • Computer aided application courses are introduced.
  • Layout formation works and works suitable for different page structures are performed.
  • Design processes with different texture and materials are developed.

Implementation and Project: Fashion Lab

  • Theme identification and research processes are performed.
  • Collection structure is formed by applying artistic illustration techniques.
  • Different free techniques and collection research processes are developed. (texture, detail, segment works)
  • Form and silhouette works are done.
  • Both digital and 3-dimensional works are done on mood board making techniques and applications.
  • Fabric Manipulations are performed.
  • Mini Draping Techniques and Applications are performed.
  • Research is made on fabric samplings.
  • Final Line-up is prepared.

Implementation and Project: 3-Dimensional Surfaces

Students are enabled to create their own forms using 3-dimensional research methods.

  • Different volumes are prepared to be balanced with anatomy.
  • dimensional ideas are turned into 3-dimensional forms.
  • dimensional forms created are placed on the body.

Texture, Form and Fabric Manipulation

Various new textures are produced by combining different materials and fabrics.

  • 5 different textures are prepared using fabric, plastic, thread, painting materials.
  • A collection consisting of 10 looks is prepared starting from 5 different textures.

Presentation Techniques

In accordance with design language and structure, it is targeted to enable students to express their own works in this area accurately.

Presentation Techniques and Arrangement of Portfolio Structure

  • Studies are made on recognizing and reviewing portfolio types.
  • Typography and graphics structure for portfolio is examined .
  • Portfolio arrangement techniques are developed.
  • One-to-one studies are conducted with students on presentation techniques.
  • Pecha Kucha presentation techniques and telling skills are improved.

Final Presentation

Students present their projects made up of the works they prepared during the training. Students’ expression of their works is enhanced via demo presentations.