I AM A MODEL: Modeling Training | İstanbul Moda Akademisi

I AM A MODEL: Modeling Training


2 months 

Day and Time

Monday and Wednesday-Friday 10.00 – 17.00

Interview Date

2 February 2024

Starting Date

5 February 2024


Program Language


Istanbul Moda Academy, Association of Fashion Designers and Fashion Week have designed this program in order to introduce new models to İstanbul fashion world. In addition to applied lessons on posture, podium walk, attitude, make-up and photo shooting rules delivered in the program, you will learn professional working terms and duties of models and thereby take the first step on the way to becoming a model. Through applied trainings within the scope of the program, you will come together with the most prominent fashion designers in Turkey, modeling agencies, fashion photographers and professionals engaged in fashion parade organization.

Fashion Week Istanbul is the biggest international fashion event not only of Turkey but also of the region. The event that is organized biannually in line with the international fashion calendar provides the brands and designers with an opportunity to present their collections and contributes to positioning of design and ready wear in Turkey at a global scale.

Participants completing this Program which aims to introduce new faces to the industry will be given the opportunity to participate in auditions to take part at the fashion parades organized within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul, to be a model at the parades and to join fashion shoots to create portfolio.

  • have extensive knowledge about modeling,
  • be able to build your professional career upon modeling,
  • have acquired a right posture and walking style,
  • have learned how to walk on the podium with effective ways of expression,
  • be able to participate in auditions for Fashion Week Istanbul fashion parades,
  • have the opportunity to join fashion shoots.
  • Those who target a career in Professional Modeling,
  • Models who wish to climb the ladder in their profession.

You can take part in fashion parades during fashion weeks and fashion shoots as a model and take the opportunity

to work with national and international brands.



  • Introduction to Fashion World
  • Fashion history and development
  • Functioning of fashion industry
  • Key players of fashion
  • Fashion calendar and events
  • Fashion weeks and fashion capitals
  • Strategic developments in fashion
  • Designer brands
  • Working principles of design brands
  • Modeling profession and professional terms
  • Podium Walk and Choreography
  • Posture
  • Movement with/without Music
  • Spins and stops with rhythmical music
  • Posing, basic posture and ways of expression, gesture studies, the right use of body language
  • Making choreography and harmonization: counted steps and spins
  • Dress presentation and use of accessory on the podium
  • Backstage order and discipline
  • Watching and commenting on fashion parades of global brands
  • Photo shoots and promotion
  • Polaroid shooting
  • Outdoor shooting
  • Shooting works: Light and technical terms
  • Photo modeling
  • Hair and make-up techniques
  • Body and style analysis
  • Esthetical elegance, tailor-made style work
  • Casting
  • Creating portfolio
  • Agency interviews and principles of agency agreements
  • Shoot
  • Presentation and Evaluation for Fashion Week Istanbul