VStitcher (Browzwear) 3D Digital Styling and Fit Alteration | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



VStitcher (Browzwear) 3D Digital Styling and Fit Alteration


7,5 weeks (45 hours)

Day and Time

Tuesday and Thursday  18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

6 February 2024

Program Language


VStitcher is the ultimate solution for apparel creatives looking to revolutionize their design process. As the industry's leading 3D fashion design and development software, VStitcher empowers users to create and prototype designs well before physical samples or fabrics are available. With VStitcher, designers can utilize an impressive suite of advanced garment design and visualization tools to bring even the most intricate concepts to life. From conception to creation, VStitcher streamlines the entire design process, making it quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

  • You will learn the infrastructure of VStitcher and gain skills in garment modifications,
  • You will do avatar editing,
  • You will create an outfit,
  • You will do arrangements in garments from blocks library,
  • You will practice pen tool,
  • You will do digital surface designs,
  • You will create print design and variants,
  • You will prepare your projects with different presentation techniques.
  • Intermediate or advanced level people who know Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • People who know the pieces of patterns (with pattern knowledge)
  • People who have basic computer knowledge at a basic level
  • 3D fashion design in Textile and Fashion industry
  • Clothing design in the digital game industry


  • VStitcher interface introduction,
  • Avatar editing,
  • Creating an outfit,
  • Preparing a garment project,
  • Using pen tool,
  • Creating colorways, print and variations
  • Preparing a project presentation