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Visual Merchandising


3.5 months (90 hours)

Day and Time

Monday and Wednesday 18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

19 February 2024


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Through this program which conveys all details of visual merchandising techniques, you will expand your general knowledge and have information on marketing and retail. During the program, you will observe visual merchandising applications and the effect of these applications on brand image and gain experience through in-store practices in cooperation with the industry. At the end of the program, you will present the presentation you prepared for a brand to the brand managers in line with the brief provided.

  • have learned basic principles of visual merchandising,
  • have gained experience through in-store aisle applications, styling and mannequin dressing techniques,
  • be able to build a broad communication network for the industry thanks to application projects performed in cooperation with brands and trainers from the industry.   
  • Those who wish to enter into the field of visual merchandising for the first time,
  • Those who have experience in visual sales, visual product management, visual store design and improve themselves by acquiring different viewpoints through current information and practices in this field.
  • Those who are employed in the positions of store or brand owner and store manager.

Visual Merchandiser


General Knowledge of Fashion

In this module, participants examine fashion trends from the past to present, emergence of styles and trends, examples in international platforms of visual merchandising and storefront design and improve their perception of fashion.

  • Fashion history
  • Key players of fashion
  • Visual merchandising trends
  • Knowledge of color
  • Innovative visual merchandising applications
  • Sources for visual merchandising
Fashion Marketing and Communication

Analyzes the role of visual merchandising in brand image and communication by using fashion marketing and current marketing trends.

  • Fundamentals of fashion marketing
  • Consumer behaviors
  • Experiential marketing
  • Visual communication in merchandising and marketing 
Fashion Retailing

Current structure, trends of retail industry, dynamics of Turkish and international fashion retail are analyzed with respect to visual merchandising.

  • Retail industry
  • Visual merchandising applications in different retail concepts
  • Sales oriented visual merchandising
  • Mathematics of retail and space usage
Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising

In this module, participants examine the effective elements in visual merchandising that are suitable for the concept and brand identity in a selected store, and the areas of “Visual Merchandising”. Besides obtaining theoretical knowledge about topics such as basic techniques of visual merchandising, space management, in-store and storefront arrangement techniques, they also study this knowledge in practice.

  • Basic techniques of visual merchandising
  • Storefront design fit for brand identity
  • Space management
  • Lighting 
  • Aisle arrangement template work
  • Aisle application and evaluation
  • Storefront design according to themes and material information
  • In-store and storefront arrangement techniques
  • Styling applications for visual merchandising
  • Mannequin dressing
  • Display techniques for different categories and special days

At the end of the program, participants submit a final project comprising digitally prepared storefront and aisle application works fit for the brand identity selected in line with the consultancy of trainers and make a presentation including brand analysis. In addition, they have a grasp of techniques for creating VM booklet.