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Textile and Apparel Customer Representative

Textiles, apparel firms and procurement departments of companies in Turkey require fully equiped staff and managers who understand the global competition, are able to find quick answers / solutions to changing consumer beheavior.

2,5 months (60 hours)

Days and Hours
Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

Start Date:

17 February 2024


For detailed information: 
+90 212 219 41 41 

This programme aims explore the most important basic subjects of companies that purchase and sell within the textile and apperal industry with the participiants. At the end of this programme, you will have aquired the most important information, gain the knowledge of textile and apparel which customer representative positions require.

  • Will have a grasp of the basic information regarding things from fibre to creation of clothing.
  • Will have learned quality control and the tests used in garments and appearel
  • Will have a good understanding about things such as taking / forming orders, delivery lead times, loading and customer relationship.
  • Will have an idea about social responsibility and occupational health and safety,
  • Will have learned the intricacies of marketing and customer management
  • Will benefit from the experience of the sector professionals and build networks.
  • Individuals who work for textile and apparel companies and those working in purchasing departments as a customer representitive (Merchandiser)
  • Those who want to work in the field of customer management
  • Customer Representative (Merchandise)
  • Sales Manager
  • Textile and Apparel Purchasing Manager

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


Basic Textile Information: Explores the entire production process from fibre to garments. Understanding manufacturing processes is reinforced with factory visits. In this module, it is aimed that management team candidates grasps basic textile knowledge.

  • Fibre and Types
  • Knitted and Woven Fabric Manufacturing Stages
  • Textile Quality Concepts
  • Identifying the Needs of Garment Production
  • Garment Production and Quality Control
  • Forming Care Instructions

Marketing and Customer Management

  • Fashion Fair and Trend Tracking
  • Supply chain management
  • Costing
  • Order Management; Creating Orders, Termini Tracking, Uploading
  • Intercultural Communication, Order Tracking with different countries
  • Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Safety