Style Consultancy and Image Making | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Style Consultancy and Image Making


5.5 months (138 hours)


Day and Time

Tuesday and Thursday

18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

13 February 2024


Mode of Training



Creating a style specific to the elements that make-up a person or organization is possible with a harmonized combination of art and science as well as a strong visual talent.

This program will give you necessary theoretical background to become a professional style consultant as well as making you an expert in style creation techniques through the practices you will make during the training.

At the end of the program, you will become aware of your strengths and be able to provide consultancy as you will specialize in any or all of the fields such as style consultancy, image making, wardrobe consultancy, personal shopping consultancy, gift consultancy.

  • be able to make style analysis and determine the right style for a person,
  • be able to make body analysis and advise dresses according to body types,
  • be able to make color analysis and combine colors,
  • be able to create capsule wardrobe,
  • have a grasp of shopping strategies that will enable effective shopping,
  • be able to make dress code study accordant with the strategies of firms and corporate cultures,
  • be able to create a broad communication network for the industry.
  • Those who wish to become a Style Consultant,
  • People working in various creative areas in fashion industry.
  • Style Consultant
  • Personal Shopper
  • Image Maker
  • Wardrobe Consultant
  • Gift Consultant


General Knowledge of Fashion: In this module starting with a review of fashion history, background is acquired in topics such as the concepts fashion, textile and trend that make up the fashion terminology, fabrics and fibers, symbolic meanings in garments, the big guns who constitute the building blocks of fashion industry, fashion brands, fashion calendar, events, fashion weeks, fashion capitals.

  • Fashion history and development
  • Key players of fashion
  • Fashion terminology and concepts
  • Semiotics of dress
  • Trend tracking
  • Fashion weeks and fashion capitals
  • Fashion calendar and events
  • Fabric and fiber information

Style Consultancy: This module begins with analysis and needs assessment of customers followed by style analysis for determining the style fit for a person and teaching the selection of the right dress according to different body types.

Through practical shopping lessons given at the end of wardrobe chapter which includes topics such as determining the maximum combination with the dresses available in the wardrobe, wardrobe detox ad capsule wardrobe creation, accessories (shoes, bag, belt, jewelry, eyeglasses, hat etc.), beach wear, evening gown wear and gift consultancy, particulars of both wardrobe and personal shopping consultancy are taught.

Among the other topics taught under this module are color analysis, selection and combination, tips for hair and make-up which are the most important components that complement style, and ‘celebrity styling’ intended for celebrities.

You will experience a style consultancy process entirely by applying step by step all theoretical knowledge you will receive during the module to your customer which you will determine at the beginning of training.

  • Customer analysis and needs assessment
  • Style analysis and applications
  • Body analysis and applications
  • Fabrics and cuts
  • Rent theory and applications
  • Making a lookbook for the customer
  • Wardrobe: wardrobe detox, capsule wardrobe creation
  • Suitcase packing and gift consultancy
  • Hair and make-up tips
  • Shopping strategies and on-site practices
  • Celebrity styling

Corporate Consultancy: Identifying the needs of an organization and working out a dress code fit for the strategy built in line with those needs, office wear and wearing practices tailored for the organization are the main topics in this module.

  • Corporate style consultancy
  • Producing a Dress Code
  • Label

Practice: Various style consultancy practices are performed in this module to support the information acquired throughout the program. The Program ends upon continuous improvement of style consultant and the day of assessment made by all trainers.