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Photoshop and Illustrator in Fashion Design

Upon the widely use of technology in fashion industry, computer-aided drawings provide the connection between the customer and the manufacturer.


3 months (72 hours)

Day and Time

Sunday 10.00 – 17.00

Starting Date

25 February 2024



Participants are required to have basic computer knowledge.

Participants are required to be graduates of at least secondary education pursuant to the Law No 5580 under the Ministry of Education.


In this program intended for ensuring the use of Photoshop and Illustrator programs in fashion design in the most effective manner; you will learn the differences in the usage of pixel-based Photoshop and vector-based Illustrator programs, prepare artistic and technical drawings in digital environment, create professional technical drawing sheets for the industry. You will perform projects at the end of the program in line with a selected theme.

  • learn about the theoretical background of photoshop program and acquire skills by using application techniques,
  • learn about the theoretical background of illustrator program and acquire skills through application techniques,
  • be able to perform artistic drawing, imprint, pattern and embroidery design applications in the area of fashion design.
  • Those who are capable of using computer at the basic level,
  • Those who have experience in fashion and textile industry and also wish to improve themselves in the digital environment,
  • Those who aim to work as a Textile Graphics Designer, CAD Designer in the fashion industry.
  • Textile Graphics Designer,
  • CAD Designer.


Knowing and Using Photoshop Program: Photoshop is a program that is widely used in fashion industry and that enables rearrangement of visual using the tools of cutting, copying and color mode for an existing photograph. In this module, applications are performed by using all the tools available in the program.

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating patterns by forming simple figures
  • Using selection tools
  • Creating storyboard and colorboard
  • Preparing T-shirt artwork
  • Filtering and action methods
  • Use of Adobe Photoshop
  • Color modes and effects
  • Visual presentations telling about collection themes
  • Story and color boards
  • Digital collages
  • Artistic drawings
  • Imprint and pattern works

Knowing and Using Illustrator Program: Illustrator is a program that enables perfect drawings and has developed drawing tools. In this module, the Program is known in detail and professional technical drawing sheets are created upon learning usage techniques.

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Usage of drawing tool and color palette
  • Making stitch types with brush and stroke windows
  • Creating swatch
  • Usage of text tools and symbol tools
  • Image trace method
  • Usage of Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating technical drawing sheet by using digital pen and tablet
  • Accessory and applique drawing
  • Imprint and embroidery design, creating fabric pattern

Preparing Visual Presentation and Project: At the end of the program, design sheets are created for the determined collection theme that include professional, artistic and technical drawings for the collection by bringing together pictures, photos, fabrics and accessories that support the theme.