Fashion Styling | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Fashion Styling


4 months (95 hours)

Date and Time

Saturday 10.00-17.00

Starting Date

10 February 2024



Participants are selected through interviewing.

Participants are required as a minimum to be an undergraduate student or have a bachelor’s degree.

In this program which will enable you to create a visual story with the interaction of creative perspective, style and photography, you will learn about the principles that will allow making a strong image in every field which styling touches, from magazines to television, from catalogue to fashion parades. You will make use of experience and knowledge of industry professionals and improve your viewpoint of this field.

You will gain skills and experience through applications to be performed during the program and the professional shootings at the end of the program.

  • have knowledge of the key elements of styling, roles and responsibilities of a stylist and all areas in which a stylist can work,
  • have a grasp of shooting planning and managing process,
  • have experienced working with a production team and  creative team,
  • have professional styling visuals by which you can create a portfolio,
  • be able to build a broad communication network for the industry.
  • Those who intend to be a stylist,
  • Those who are interested in making image in fashion,
  • Those who are working in the industry in the fields of design, visual communication or management and wish to improve themselves in styling.

You can work for fashion magazines, online publications or online shopping (or e-commerce) sites or as a freelancer in the following positions:

  • Stylist
  • Style Editor


General Knowledge of Fashion: In this module starting with review of fashion history and culture, a background is acquired regarding the big guns who constitute the building blocks of fashion industry, fashion brands, symbolic meanings of garments, color and fabric information.

  • Fashion history and development
  • Key players of fashion
  • Color and fabric information
  • The semiotics of dresses

Styling: Editorial styling for magazines, digital styling, collection styling, advertisement and catalogue styling, still-life styling, costume styling which has become increasingly popular recently, fashion parade styling, and tailored image and style consultancy are studied. Creation of storyboard in line with the storyline for shootings; relationship between a stylist and a fashion photographer and budget management are among the other topics of this module.

  • Editorial styling
  • Digital Styling
  • Collection Styling
  • Still-life styling
  • Costume styling for series and movies
  • Catalogue styling
  • Advertisement styling
  • Fashion parade styling
  • Style consultancy
  • Budget Management

Studio Shooting Project: At the end of the program, shootings are performed with a professional team consisting of stylists, fashion photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists and models. During these shootings performed in cooperation with fashion brands, participants find the opportunity to experience a real shooting environment while having visuals by which they can create a portfolio.

  • Shooting Planning
  • Story board creation
  • Relationship between fashion photograph and styling
  • Hair and make-up in styling
  • Studio shootings
  • Visual selection, assessment and Portfolio creation

Outdoor Shooting Project: Participants, with the shooting they perform in the outdoor space organized by İMA, learn about the particulars of styling concordant with the nature of the space. In this module where hair, make-up, model and outfit combinations are managed by participants, participants add to their sectoral experience while having visuals by which they can create a portfolio.         

Shopping Mall and Store Visits: Participants accompanied by trainers go to a selected shopping mall and visit certain stores; by viewing, touching especially the luxury brands, they learn about the visual story arising out of the relationship of collection and styling, sales-oriented styling techniques and find the opportunity to hear about the same from the store managers.

Guest Speakers: Industry professionals comprising fashion photographers, stylists, hair, make-up artists or brand and fashion supervisors are hosted in certain lessons; our participants find the opportunity to meet them, to hear about any experience at first hand and to form a network.