Fashion Photography | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Fashion Photography

5 months (145 hours)

Day and Time

Monday-Wednesday 18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

12 February 2024



Participants are selected through interviewing.

Participants are required as a minimum to be an undergraduate student or have a bachelor’s degree.

During fashion photography training delivered at the full-fledged photography studio of Istanbul Moda Academy, you will learn about the particulars of fashion photography, studio and outdoor fashion shoots and do practical workshop trainings as well as theoretical trainings. With the projects carried out within the program, you will do concept setting and styling practices and perform professional shoots by which you will find the opportunity to reflect your own style.

  • have theoretical knowledge of and application skills for indoor and outdoor shoots,
  • have learned still-life photography techniques,
  • have learned portfolio and exhibition techniques,
  • have improved your shooting process planning and managing skills,
  • have learned basic principles of working with a model, shooting team and creative team,
  • be able to create a broad communication network for the industry. 
  • Those who have a grasp of basic knowledge of photography, 
  • Those who are experienced in photography and wish to specialize in fashion photography.
  • Those who target a career in fashion photography.
  • Independent fashion photographer,
  • Fashion Photographer for fashion magazines, online publications or online shopping sites, fashion trade or catalogue shoots and also for backstage shoots


Introduction to Fashion Photography: History of fashion photography, modern photography, current trend information is given, famous photographers and their shoots are reviewed.

  • Description and roles of a fashion photographer
  • Shooting techniques
  • Modern photography and examples
  • Trends in Fashion Photography

Studio and Outdoor Photography: Shooting applications in a studio environment and outdoor space using studio equipment are taught.

  • Introduction to studio
  • Equipment introduction and information on various types of lighting
  • Light measurement in the studio
  • Studio portrait shootings
  • Outdoor shooting techniques
  • Photograph file formats
  • Studio shooting techniques (flash and set installation)
  • Working with a model composition
  • High Speed/Splash photography
  • Styling applications
  • Advertisement project shooting
  • Photograph production, organization and sponsorship

Photoshop and Bridge: Includes basic information on the usage of programs. Printing methods and the processes of making a photograph ready for printing are conveyed.

  • Applications of Photoshop bridge programs
  • Printing methods
  • Color space

Concept and Styling in Fashion Photography: Applications before fashion shooting are included. During the training, industry professionals attend the lessons as speakers and share information about their experience and fields of specialization. Participants find an opportunity to discover and experience the dynamics of fashion industry with the group project at the end of the program.

  • Creating concept
  • Creating moodboard and story boards
  • Shooting planning
  • Styling applications
  • Campaign photograph communication criteria
  • Portfolio and exhibition techniques   

Project: A final project is performed at the end of the program in company with consultants. During this project, indoor and outdoor shoots are performed working with a model and professional team.

Under the program, theoretical trainings are scheduled during the weekdays while outdoor shoots are scheduled at the weekends.

Outdoor shooting plan is organized for 1 or 2 days depending on the number of participants.