Fashion Photography | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Fashion Photography

5 months (142 hours)

Day and Time:
Tuesday and Thursday, 18:30 - 21:30

Start Date:
11 October 2021


For more detailed information: 
+90 212 219 41 41

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Rely on your knowledge of technique, light, studio, set, concept, models, hair styling, make-up, venue selection, and fashion shootings and experience all the processes of fashion photography …

The training takes place at the fully equipped photography studio of Istanbul Moda Academy. It starts with basic photography education and examines studio and fashion photography with the help of application-based workshops, studio and outdoor fashion shoots and cultural projects along with theoretical training. Thus, it prepares you for creating your own projects.  
The program is open to those wish to step into the fashion photography sector or those who have experience in the sector, but are still willing to specialize in fashion photography by further training in studio photography. It provides opportunities for conducting professional photo-shoots with concept creation and styling applications.


  • Basic Principles of Photography: You learn about camera formats, light reading, shooting techniques and photograph composition.
  • History of Photography: History of photography, history of fashion photography, contemporary art and current trends are introduced to the student.
  • Studio and Outdoor Photography:Participants familiarize themselves with studio equipment, experimenting light reading  and portrait shoots in the studio, outdoor shooting techniques and creating photography file formats.
  • Concept and ‘Styling’ in Fashion Photography: This unit aims to inform you about creating concepts in fashion photography, preparing storyboards and styling applications. Theoretical training is backed by classroom practices, sector professionals, who contribute to the courses as visiting lecturers and a group project to be completed at the end of the training. As a whole, the course gives you an opportunity to experience the industry and encounter the real dynamics of the fashion sector.
  • Photo-Shoot Sessions: In this unit, the skills and experiences acquired throughout the program are put into practice by way of indoor and outdoor photo-shoots. You will share the working space with a professional team and end the program by creating a work for your portfolio.