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Fashion Management


4 months (105 hours)

Day and Time

Tuesday - Thursday

18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

13 January 2024



It is apparently necessary that companies should be managed more efficiently in the fashion world which is one of the fastest growing industries of the world, where different designs and creative ideas are arising every passing day and competition is getting increasingly fierce.

With this program through which you will have knowledge of many areas that underlie fashion management such as global and current brand management, strategic marketing in fashion, digital ecosystem, building blocks of fashion communication and 

fashion retailing, you will discover the particulars of fashion management and improve your management skills.

In addition to theoretical information you will obtain, with the practices during the lessons, participation of industry professionals in the lessons as lecturers, site visits and the industry project performed at the end of the program, you will find the opportunity to learn about the real dynamics of fashion industry and build a strong background.

  • acquire a fashion-oriented viewpoint of marketing and brand management,
  • have information about the latest developments and current practices in the field of management,
  • have a grasp of all processes of fashion retailing from product planning to its management,
  • have a reference thanks to your industry project which you will be able to use in business life,
  • be able to create a broad communication network for the industry.
  • Those who target a career in the field of management in fashion,
  • Those who are willing to create their own fashion brand,
  • Those who wish to improve themselves by working in different areas of fashion industry.

You can work in the areas of brand, marketing and retail at retail companies in the fashion and textile industry, companies engaged in brand distributorship, chain store entities that buy multiple brands:

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Store Manager


General Knowledge of Fashion:

In this module in which, starting from the historical development of fashion, information such as the big guns in the field of fashion, fashion brands, current fashion news, fashion calendar, fashion events, fashion weeks and capitals is delivered, the participants are also given information about the general functioning of fashion industry and strategic developments in online and offline fashion.

  • Fashion history and development
  • Key players of fashion
  • Functioning of fashion industry
  • Fashion calendar and events
  • Fashion weeks and fashion capitals
  • Strategic developments in fashion

Fashion Brand Marketing and Communication: In this module, the concept of marketing in fashion, brand management and communication techniques are analyzed in detail.

  • Fundamental concepts of fashion
  • Strategic marketing
  • Brand concept and brand management
  • Brand communication strategies
  • Current brand trends and strategies
  • Digital fashion marketing
  • Market research and segmentation
  • Consumer behaviors and trends
  • Trend research techniques 
  • Luxury brand management

Retail and Product Management: Building blocks of fashion retail, today’s retail industry, experiential marketing in retail, product planning and management and visual merchandising applications are the main topics in this module.

  • Functioning of retail in fashion
  • Enabling customer experience in the store
  • Fashion purchase
  • Product planning and management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Visual communication and visual arrangement

Project: The program is completed with an industry project. In this project carried out with fashion brands, participants find the opportunity to develop a real idea on the industry, analyze the problem, create a new idea; in this way they have a more effective and instructive experience as compared to simulation projects.