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Fashion Management

“A fashion executive should be able to enhance evaluations on fashion trends with an economic perspective. Combining the two critical approaches, the İMA Fashion Management program is a lighthouse for those who aspire to be fashion executives.”
Selman Bilal

Bilsar CEO & Chairman of the Board

4 months (96 hours)

Days and Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday, 18:30 – 21:30

Start Date:
20 September 2021


For more detailed information:
+90 212 219 41 41

If you want to be an equipped and successful fashion manager in the fashion sector, the "Fashion Management" program by IMA is a major opportunity for your career!

With this program you embark on an exciting journey: you will gain knowledge on the fundamental areas of fashion management such as the current fashion news, strategic and digital marketing practices, fashion marketing communications and brand management, the current brand insight, luxury brand management, and the fundamentals of fashion merchandising, in addition to merchandising, visual merchandising, financial flow, etc. You will discover the specificities of fashion management while developing your management skills.

With theoretical information, examples from the industry, lectures by professionals, and an applied final project, you will acquire a foundation that you will be able use in your professional life.

  • Have a strong theoretical foundation,
  • Acquire a fashion-based perspective on marketing and brand management,
  • Have comprehensive knowledge on the issues of product planning to retail processes,
  • Build a network.
  • Anyone who aims to pursue a career in fashion management,
  • Anyone who wants to create their own fashion brand,
  • Anyone who wants to improve their management skills by working in different fields of the fashion industry.

You can work in the brand, marketing, and retail departments of retail companies, brand distribution companies, or chain store companies operating multi-brand purchasing:

  • Brand Expert,
  • Marketing Expert,
  • Category Expert,
  • Store Manager.

Applicants will attend an interview for admission. Participating candidates need to be at least undergraduate students or have a bachelor degree.


  • Fashion Marketing: In this unit, you will learn about the past and present of fashion, contemporary fashion consumer behavior and future consumer trends, fashion-based positioning, marketing mix, market research and surveys, latest trends in fashion marketing, Internet and social media, personalized customer experience, experimental marketing concepts; and how to use these as part of a marketing plan.
  • Fashion Brand Management: You learn about brand concept and brand management in the fashion industry, supply chains of brands, production planning, management of all production processes and operation.
  • Fashion Retail and Product Management: You learn about fashion retail management and positioning, product management in merchandising (buying and merchandising), management of retailers, profitability, retail math, and conducting store location analysis.
  • Communication and Visual Merchandising in Fashion: You acquaint yourself with brand communication concepts that are strong pillars of fashion brand management. You learn about the concept of visuality, the basics of visual merchandising, use of space, display window design, creating experimental sales space, and product presentation.
  • Financial Planning: You will learn about the financial structure and identity of the sector to evaluate its place within the over all economic structure, financial analyses, sales management and control and budgeting.
  • Human Resources Management and Career Planning: You are trained in human resources management, building teams, changing and improving current management approaches and career planning concepts.
  • General Knowledge and Culture of Fashion: You will acquaint yourself with fabrics, fibres, design process concepts as well as changes and trends in fashion. The general knowledge and culture of fashion courses are enriched with the participation and presentations of fashion designers.
  • Sector Project: Under the supervision of company managers and instructors, you undertake a group project, tackling a current problem of a company in the sector. The project is supported by research and observations before presenting the project.