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Fashion Journalism

“Each passing day shows us that the fashion industry cannot only be grounded on design. The İMA Fashion Journalism Program rectifies a substantial deficiency in this field”.

Yaprak Aras 
Founder of Souq Karaköy / İMA Fashion Editorial and Writing Instructor

5,5 months (140 hours)

Day and Time:
Tuesday and Thursday 18.30 – 21.30 

Start Date:
28 September 2021


For more detailed information:
Telephone: 0212 219 41 41 (1114-1217) 

Acquire a foundation in fashion communications and publish your own magazine!

Based on magazine publishing, one of the most important communication channels, this program aims to help you acquire a strong foundation in fashion editorship and fashion communications. Starting with general knowledge on fashion and media, you will be trained to learn the general functioning of a magazine, its management structure and editorship, along with fashion writing from a broad perspective. 
At the end of this program, which encapsulates styling practices and professional shoots, you will have your own magazine.

  • Learn the process of publishing a magazine from A to Z,
  • Have a strong theoretical foundation,
  • Build a network,
  • Acquire skills in writing and content development according to different channels,
  • Enhance skills in planning and executing the shooting process,
  • Learn the principles of working with a creative team.
  • Anyone who is interested in fashion and fashion communications, publishing and writing,
  • Anyone who wants to create a content for printed and online media.

You can work in fashion magazines and newspaper websites, online publishing or online shopping websites, or as a freelancer, in the following positions:

  • Fashion Editor
  • Subject Editor
  • Beauty Editor
  • Shopping/Style Editor
  • Online Media Editor
  • Fashion Writer

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


General Knowledge on Fashion and Media: Starting with the fashion history, this module presents information about the key players and companies in the fashion industry, current fashion news, fashion cycle and calendar, as well as fashion weeks and capitals. In addition, it sets a foundation for the media dynamics of Turkey and the world, media impacts on fashion, and the concepts of fashion, textile and trends.

Editorship and General Magazine Structure: The main topics of this module are fashion editorship, shopping editorship, beauty editorship and digital editorship. Teaching editors' roles and responsibilities, including the different fields in which editors can work, this module builds on what has been learned through magazine visits and panels. This module also provides information about magazine management structure and its functioning, copyrights and legal liabilities, and budget management issues.

Fashion Writing: The main topics of this module are writing/writing techniques for newspapers and magazines, social media writing and blogging, content production for brands' online and offline media, and also fashion show and collection reporting, interview techniques, and creating press releases.

Styling: This module teaches the principles of editorial styling, and photo shoots are created by a shooting team consisting of stylists, fashion photographers, models, and hair and make-up design specialists.
These photo shoots, carried out in cooperation with the fashion brands, teach the fundamental principles of working with a film crew and a creative team.

Project: In accordance with a topic that you determine for a certain theme and target audience, you will publish a magazine combining your style shoots, interviews, fashion show reporting, and fashion articles, along with your researched topics and shopping-beauty pages that you have prepared. You will learn practically the dynamics of creating a magazine from A to Z, by determining the target audience, planning the content, managing the creative page, and designing the cover.