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Fashion Blogging and Social Media

Blog writing, thanks to its ability to reach the wider masses, its freedom, and its individuality, has become an important channel of the new media today.
When its subject matter is fashion, it broadcasts the ideas and thoughts on this glamorous and dynamic field of people outside the sector just as much as the professionals within it, and even shares their individual styles, as well as lifestyles, on a daily basis.

3 Months (72 Hours)

Days and Hours
Monday and Wednesday 18:30 - 21:30


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0212 219 41 41 (1205 - 1216)

Blog writing, which only dates back to the middle of the 2000s and which began as a form of hobby, is now a reputable professional discipline which provides a significant return. So much so that you can share the front row at fashion shows with people who in the past were not really able to sit side by side and you can be among the much-in-demand invitees at fashion events.

On this program, alongside creating a blog and producing content, you will learn the finer points of managing your blog writing as a profitable business. You will be able to determine the right target audience and content appropriate for your target audience, and master other social media channels which will support your blog and content.

As well as transforming you into an effective communicator by improving your writing skills oriented towards different channels, this program will also show you how to provide traffic flow for your site through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and measure your site’s activity by carrying out the relevant analyses.
Besides creating a blog using the knowledge you have gained, you will be able to undertake the administration of blogs and social media in line with the marketing activities of brand names in the fashion sector.
At the end of the program, through one-to-one consultation, you will receive guidance according to your targets and needs of the sector.

  • Have mastered the general culture, terminology, and jargon pertaining to the world of fashion and blogging.
  • Comprehend the importance of the digital world and digital communication.
  • Learn how to set up a blog with sound technical foundations.
  • Determine the style of blog that you want for the target audience you want.
  • Find a writing style which is particular to yourself and gain the ability to develop content.
  • Learn the tools and functions of blogging and be able to customise its design.
  • Be able to integrate your blog into social media platforms and learn how to modify and broadcast content for different channels.
  • Be able to upload high quality photography, video, and audio parallel to the content, and master digital editing techniques.
  • Be able to prepare infographics.
  • Be able to advertise and analyse using Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Be able to produce blog and social media statistics.
  • Have knowledge of copyright laws and legal responsibilities.
  • Learn the fine points of turning your blog writing into a career and how to manage the economics of blogging.
  • Master how to carry out brand cooperation and the principles of getting support through sponsorship.
  • Those who wish to write a blog in the field of fashion.
  • Those who wish to take an existing fashion blog to a professional level.
  • Those interested in fashion and the communication and broadcasting of, and writing about, fashion.
  • Those who wish to produce content for online media.
  • Those who wish to develop themselves in the field of fashion communication.
  • Online entrepreneurs who wish to make progress in the world of fashion.
  • Creative sector professionals, such as those in styling, fashion photography, fashion editing, art and design.
  • Personal Blog Writing
  • Corporate Blog Writing
  • Corporate Blog and Social Media Administration
  • Digital Marketing Communication
  • Online Publication Editorship

 Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


Introduction to the World of Blogging: In this module, which begins with blogging jargon and terminology, in order to understand the world of fashion, participants will be given information from a wide perspective on the subjects of the general culture of fashion and creating a digital world vision, and will get to see key examples of blogs, from the most effective blogs to niche blogs from both Turkey and the rest of the world.
This module, in which the subjects of the economics of blogging and online sales will be introduced, will also take in subjects such as inter-blogger communication, brand and blogger cooperation, and the sustainability of blogs.

Blog Creation and Management: In this module, participants will gain a grounding in technical structure subjects, such as choosing the platform for the blog they will create, opening an account, finding a name, gaining entry to posts, and in the subjects of determining target audiences, creating content, and product placement. Other subject headings which will be dealt with in this module are photography, uploading video and audio, RSS acquisition, site design, responsive design, accessing content via tablet and smart phones, creative applications, and copyrights.

Fashion Writing and Social media: In this module, participants will learn how to find fashion news appropriate for the target audience, and master writing techniques, which includes story narration, fashion show reporting, and effective interview techniques.
This module will also touch on the subjects of media choice appropriate for the content and creating content appropriate to the medium, and participants will see the interaction of interactive news and the transmission of content between social media channels, and will gain proficiency in the subjects of the media and effective media usage in the light of time analysis. Among other subject headings that will be taught in this module are digital editing techniques, data generation, and infographics.

Computation and Report Making: The main headings in this module are the effective use of site traffic, blog and social media statistical report making and analysis, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Google and monetisation.

Marketing, Brands, and Communications: In this module, which begins with creating a strategy in the digital world and determining targets, participants will learn how to create editorial and promotional content, see different strategies for digital communication, and also learn how to administer their blogs as a brand through the subjects of brand cooperation, sponsorship, and visibility.