Digital CLO 3D Fashion Design Program | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Digital CLO 3D Fashion Design Program


3 months (72 hours)

Day and Time

Monday and Wednesday 18.30 – 21.30

Starting Date

26 February 2024


Program Language


Upon the widely use of technology in fashion industry, computer-aided digital designs provide the connection between the customer and the manufacturer. In this program intended for ensuring effective use of CLO 3D program in fashion design, you will learn 3D fashion design that creates digital, real-like garment visualization through the latest simulation technologies. You will prepare artistic and technical drawings in digital environment either on the pattern or the body based on your preference and create professional digital technical drawing sheets for the industry. You will perform projects at the end of the program in line with a selected theme. You will find the opportunity to take place among the movers and shakers of the industry with this training which will create a new and significant line of work in fashion industry.

  • have learned about the theoretical background of CLO 3D program and acquire skills by using application techniques,
  • be able to perform digital artistic drawing, 3D design applications in the area of fashion design.
  • be able to create and present your own designs through fashion parade in digital environment.
  • Those who have a good command of computer,
  • Those who have basic level modeling or design knowledge and also wish to improve themselves in digital fashion design,
  • Those who have basic level knowledge of Photoshop& Illustrator programs of fashion design programs or computerized pattern making programs,
  • Those who target working as a 3D fashion designer in fashion industry.

Digital Fashion Designer in Textile and Fashion Industry


Knowing and Using CLO 3D Program

CLO 3D is a program that is capable of turning 2D Cad manufacturing patterns into a virtual textile sample making use of polygonal systems. The Program is known in detail with this module and upon learning usage techniques, professional 3D product visualization pattern, fabric, fitting, Artwork and realistic works are created.

  • Introduction to CLO 3D
  • Being acquainted with the system
  • Gaining 3D mentality by using project based training materials
  • Pattern making and development works by using patterns in DXF format or local pattern tools
  • Virtual Stitch making and virtual sewing techniques
  • Virtual Graphics and accessory works
  • Pantone/CLO: Creating color library enriched with Pantone library.
  • Creating, developing textile surface and manipulations
  • Usage of textile materials, solid modeling/mesh modeling
  • Creating and developing garment, material, stage, avatar library
  • Unlimited variant options
  • Modular configuration
  • Avatar editor
  • Use of animation interface
  • Render and light design


Preparing Visual Presentation and Project

At the end of the program, it is aimed to bring in 3D garment design as well as works that will reveal creative intelligence while creating web based portfolio through advanced render and animation presentation tools that support design.