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Bag Design

3 months (78 hours)

Days and Hours
Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

Start Date:
10 April 2021


For detailed information: 
0212 219 41 41 (1114-1217)

With this programme which is intended for bag design, the most exciting field of fashion, you will design the bags you dream of and turn them in to reality in workshop.
On this journey, which extends from brand analysis and identifying target audience to model extraction, you will step into the magical world of the bag design. By the end of this programme, you will have the bag that you have dreamed about and also be able to create a sketchbook for accessories such as a purse, clutch, and pencil case to go with the bag.

  • You will learn bag design and production processes,
  • You will be able to create a collection for bags and other accessories.
  • You will understand how logo works are done
  • You will learn the marketing techniques suitable to your target audience
  • Those, who are interested in bag design
  • Those, who wish to become bag and other accessory designers,
  • Those, who wish to form their own bag collection and establish their own brand.
  • Bag Designers
  • Bag and other accessory stylists

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


Brand and Product Analysis: In this programme in which general knowledge regarding bag production will be provided; the differences between bag and textile design and seasons will be talked about. The  details of designs of products will be examined and brand idendity will be analysed of those brands that produce bags and accessories. Target consumer audience is identified and forming a collection process is experienced.

  • Brand analysis
  • Value adding details to brands
  • Bag design processes
  • Identifying Target Audience - Customer Profile Analysis

Mood Board Preparation: General information about mood board, which the first stage of forming the products that are conceived in a person`s mind, is provided and participants form a mood board that contain the images that are close to their own style.

Trend Research

  • Inspiration Studies Relating to Products will be designed
  • Improving the Design Ideas

Bags Drawing Methods: Basic drawing methods are explained in terms of the bag that is desired and the best way of transferring the angles of designated themes on paper is investigated. An appropriate theme colour scale is created after transferring the information about the colour of connotations.

  • Examples of accessories and leather suitable to the themes
  • Forming Colour Scale
  • Creation of Product Sketches 
  • Measured Technical Drawings

Shoe mold (model) extraction and Cutting – Sewing: During the design process, information is passed in terms of how a designer should use the most valuable equipment such as leather, snake skin, alligator skin and stingray skin  in the most effective way. The value adding factors and technical details during product cutting and sewing processes are discussed. Bag mold extraction is performed in cooperation with a bag stylist. After that, there will be a presentation as to how to cut the leather by applying the bag mold that is extracted and preparing it for the sewing process.

  • Briefing Techniques to Modelist
  • Mold and Cutting Techniques
  • Transforming sketches (that are prepared by cutting and sewing operations) in to products.

Design Workshop: Participiants decide which accessories to design that would go with their bag in line with the theme and prepare the sketches accompanied by their trainers. Thus they create their own portfolio, prepare the prototype of the drawing of a bag prepared accompanied by their trainers. They experience the bag formation process with the work of a modelist and get to have a bag of their own design.

  • Sketches of accessoeirs such as a purse, clutch, pencil case
  • Techniques of forming portfolio
  • Forming a brand identity
  • Logo workings