Bag Design | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Bag Design

3 months (72 hours)

Day and Time

Sunday 10.00 – 17.00

Starting Date

25 February 2024


In this program for bag design which is one of the most exciting areas of fashion, participants will choose one of two bag visuals to be presented to them by the trainer and make it real through workshops in company with the trainer and bag master. The magic world of bag design will be stepped into in this program extending from brand analysis and identification of target group to model making. At the end of the program, participants having a bag to be manufactured with the model and leather color selected by them will also create accessory sketches (purse, clutch, pen holder etc.) suitable for this bag and have information on creating collection.


  • have learned bag design and manufacturing processes,
  • be able to create bag and accessory collection,
  • have understood how logo works are carried out,
  • have learned marketing techniques appropriate for your target group.
  • Those who are trained/experienced in the field of design and interested in bag design,
  • Those who want to be a bag and accessory designer,
  • Those who want to build their own bag collection and brand.
  • Bag Designers
  • Bag and Accessory Stylists


Brand and Product Analysis: General information on bag manufacturing and the profession of bag manufacturing, differences of bag design from textile design, information on seasons and collection making process is given. Product visuals of brands manufacturing bags and accessories are reviewed in an attempt to understand the design details of the brand. The participants are enabled to identify their target groups.

  • Brand analysis
  • Details that add value to the brand
  • Bag design processes
  • Target group identification - Customer profile analysis

Creating Moodboard: General information is given about mood board which is the first stage for a person to create the products envisaged and the participants create their mood board that includes visuals which they find closer to their own style.

  • Trend research
  • Inspiration works for the product to be designed
  • Development of design ideas

Bag Drawing Methods: Basic drawing methods for the bag to be designed are explained and the angles from which determined theme can be best carried onto the paper are searched. Following information on association of colors, a color scale suitable for the theme is created.

  • Examples of accessories and leather suitable for the theme
  • Creating color scale
  • Creating product sketches
  • Measured technical drawing

Stamp (Model) Making and Cutting-Sewing: During design process, information is given about how a designer can use normal leather and valuable equipment (snakeskin, crocodile skin, stingray skin etc.) in the most efficient manner. Topics such as the technical details, factors that increase quality in the course of cutting and sewing the products are discussed. Bag pattern making is performed with a collaborative work with bag modelist. Then, how a bag whose pattern is made is cut from the leather and prepared for sewing process is demonstrated.

  • Techniques for briefing to modelist
  • Pattern and cutting techniques
  • Turning sketches prepared through cutting and sewing operations into products

Design Workshop: Participants decide which accessories to design along with their bags in line with their theme and prepare their sketches in company with the trainer. Thus, they create their own portfolio and prepare prototype of bag drawings they will prepare. Participants experience the bag formation process with the modelist’s works and have a bag designed by themselves.

  • Sketches of accessories such as purse, clutch, pen holder
  • Portfolio making techniques
  • Creating brand identity
  • Logo works