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Kader Acar

Kader Acar was born in 1992 in Istanbul. At highschool, she studied photography and graphic design and in 2011 she was accepted to Communication Studies at Doğuş University; however, she was unable to follow the program due to financial difficulties. In 2017, she started to the Fashion Design program at Istanbul Moda Academy. During the summer of 2017, she worked at the Cosmopolitan magazine as the assistant to the fashion editor and gained experience in the field specifically regarding styling and fashion shootings.

In 2019, she successfully completed her final project which was a cooperation between KOTON and IMA (Istanbul Moda Academy), and she graduated from Fashion Design Diploma Program. Thereafter, she plans on attending to the Masterclass, an upper level training program at IMA, and strengthen her skills and expertise in the field.

Eğitim Aldığı Program

Fashion Design Diploma Program

Mezuniyet Yılı