Use of Our Photograph Studio

Istanbul Moda Academy, an institution for educational activities to provide the textile and ready wear sectors  with well trained, creative and innovative labor force to shape trends of the future, now aims at meeting other needs of the sector: İMA is renting its photography studio and equipment to firms in the sector for preparation of their catalogs. 

İMA offers 4 different packages, to meet the varying needs of the firms :


Studio Only

This option is for utilizing the studio and its background material only. Technical equipment is to be supplied by the leasing firm. 
Package price is 800 TL/day.

Portre Setup

Studio only plus 3 Broncolor Minipuls D160, 1 Broncolor Softlight Reflector, 2 Broncolor Standard Reflector and 3 Manfrotto Masterstand. 
Package price is 850 TL/day.

Fashion Setup
Studio only plus 1 Broncolor Minipuls C200, 3 Broncolor Minipuls D160, 1 Broncolor Softlight Reflector, 2 Broncolor Pulsoflex Softbox, 1 Broncolor Standard Reflector and 4 Manfrotto Masterstand.
Package price is 1000 TL/day

Creative Fashion Setup

Studio only plus 1 Broncolor Grafit A4 / Hensel Tria 6000J, 3 Broncolor Pulso G, 2 Broncolor D160, 1 Broncolor Softlight Reflector, 3 Broncolor Standard Reflector, 1 Hensel Octodome,2 Broncolor Pulsoflex Softbox, 5 Manfrotto Masterstand and 1 Manfrotto Superboom. 
Package price is 1200 TL/day


Terms and Conditions

*Regardless of the rental package preferred, an İMA Studio technician shall assist in the shooting. The price for technical assistance is 200TL/day.
*The photographer and use of the studio computer are not included in any of the rental packages. The photographers need to provide their own computer set-up.
*It is highly recommended for the quality of your presentations to work with professional models. Styling and combining shall be assumed by the leasing firm. 
*Should you need assistance in providing for a photographer and technical team, please contact İMA at 0212 219 41 41.

For detailed information, please contact: 
Gözde Küçükaslan - : 0212 219 41 41 (ext.1214)