Fashion Design Workshop

Duration: 2 weeks

Day and time: Weekdays 10.00 – 17.00

Dates: 2 July 2018- 13 July 2018
30 July 2018- 10 August 2018

Language: Turkish

Start Date: 1800 TL.








This training programme which is intended for 18-25 age group plans to develop fashion perception and awareness, consists of three parts. In the first part (which starts with basic fashion knowledge, fashion concepts, transferring the styles and trends); participants will choose a theme and create a storyboard in accordance with all the knowledge learned, learn fashion drawing techniques and will have a mini collection by the end of this part. In the second and third part of the programme, participants will become familiar with 3D deigns.  A basic skirt pattern will be created, a style will be applied on a model and the skirt will be sewed by using basic sewing techniques.




  • Introduction to Fashion Design: the transfer of basic fashion knowledge and fashion concept
  • Styles and Trends: Examining the differentiations created by today's major brands and fashion trends, the starting point of trends and the transfer of resources on how to investigate
  • Creation of Storyboard: identify the target audience, the collection of visual images in line with themes, determining a color panel
  • Drawing Techniques: Fashion silhouette drawing, the study of physical details and preparation of fashion figure, front-back profile posture exercises
  • Colour Theory: Colour harmony, colour groups and toning
  • Mini collection: Investigation of basic forms and preparing a mini fashion collection for this purpose


  • Introduction to Draping: mannequin familiarity, taking measurements on mannequins, fabric draping preparation
  • Basic skirt work on a mannequin


  • Familiarity of Machines
  • Sewing Exercises
  • Basic Skirt Sewing