Fashion Branding For Globalized Markets | İstanbul Moda Akademisi

Fashion Branding For Globalized Markets

(In collaboration with London College of Fashion)

Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu or Zara ... If you are interested in creating a global brand or introducing your brand to the international markets, 'Fashion Branding For Globalized Markets' program by İMA and London College of Fashion collaboration, is your ultimate choice.

4 weeks (42 hours)

Day and Time:
Tuesday, Thursday 18.30 - 21.30
(3 weeks, 18 hours, Istanbul Moda Academy, Istanbul)

Monday - Thursday 09.30 - 16.30
(1 week, 24 hours London College of Fashion, London)


For more detailed information:
Telephone: 0212 219 41 41 (1203-1219)

The program runs for 3 weeks in Istanbul and one week in London. You will examine the common features of methods to forge ahead in the global market and the powerful global brands, and learn how to use branding tools in order to survive fierce competition, as well as how to respond to changing consumer demands. During the program in addition to theoretical information, you will also take a closer look at real-life practices through store visits, and will have a chance to determine the most appropriate strategy for your brand.

  • Acquire a global perspective on brand insight and management,
  • Become familiar with recent developments in international markets and current practices.
  • Enhance the most appropriate brand strategy by analyzing your brand,
  • Have an opportunity to see real theory in practice through store visits, and to become well-informed about the industry.

Anyone who;

  • Works in the marketing, brand management and design departments of a brand from the industry, and who wants to follow up developments in up-to-date practices,
  • Works in the marketing and brand management departments in different industries, and who wants to continue their career in the fashion industry,
  • Wants to introduce their existing fashion brand to international markets,
  • Wants to create their own fashion brand.

Applicants will attend an interview for admission. They should have a bachelor degree and their English proficiency level should be sufficient to allow them to follow the program.


Istanbul Program Content: Starting with a detailed SWOT analysis to determine and analyze potential customers and competitors of the participants' brands, the program continues by examining strategic developments in online and offline fashion retailing. Up-to-date brand insight and management are transferred through the leading branding practices, and the program concludes with an onsite examination of successful branding practices in Turkey.

London Program Content: The main topics of this module are global market trends, the most up-to-date techniques in understanding changing consumer behaviors, analyzing the target audience and determining the correct target audience, market segmentation, creating target brands, building a brand identity, differentiation and its importance, growing social media, and digital marketing.

This program aims to help participants determine the most appropriate strategy, and adapt it to the brand that they have worked on or that they want to create once they have acquired all of the mentioned information.

Throughout the program, participants will visit pioneer retailers, design stores and new concept stores in London, and the program concludes with a project which gives participants the chance to put the information they have learned into practice.