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Scholarship Facilities


Scholarship Facilities


The essential element for İMA is talent and it is crucial in İMA's corporate culture to discover young talents and offer them 
a bright career path. The scholarship opportunities are among the very first aspects of this support given to young people. The scholarship process is pretty convenient and transparent.

The candidates who wish to be trained according to international standards within a multi-dimensional fashion curriculum apply to the exam for scholarship. The portfolios, sketchbooks and all kinds of visual material accumulated by the candidates and the results of the two-phased exam composed of an application and an interview are evaluated by the "Scholarship Committee" and the students who fulfill the requirements are accepted. And this is how the joyful journey of young students begins. 

The Date of Scholarship Exam (Applicants must join both sessions)

Date:    June 2nd 2021 
Hours:    10:00 – 13:00 Drawing and Aptitude Test

Date:    June 3-4 2021
Hours:    09:00 – 17:00 Interview and Portfolio Evaluation

Last Day of Application: June 1st 2021
For further information:
0212 2194141 (1215 - 1006)  

The important thing is to see, not just to look!
The aptitude test measures the perception and visual talents of the candidate. It is important for the committee to see the candidate offering their talent, to be able to transfer their emotions into their works, to make others feel their potential and to reflect their eagerness, decisiveness and their desire for learning.

The Aptitude Test is done in two stages.

STAGE 1 (June 2nd 2021)
The special aptitude test measures your ability to draw what you actually see and your ability to draw what you imagine.

This test will take place online via Google Classroom, applicants will be informed of the procedure required to connect to Google Classroom before the assessment. Students are expected to be fully prepared in advance. 

Required Materials:
•    Drawing materials (coloured pencils, watercolour, drawing pencils etc.)
•    A3 Paper 
•    Any other materials you may need when you draw (ruler, scissors etc)

After the test, applicants are required to send the photos of their finished drawings to İMA via WhatsApp. (Contact information will be provided)

STAGE 2 (June 3-4 2021)

Applicants MUST submit their portfolios online until 01/06/2021 13:00 in a PDF format via WeTransfer to and

The portfolio interview is done verbally and online based on the presentation folder (portfolio) prepared with artistic knowledge and practices. The candidates will be invited to the interview one by one. 

The portfolio does not have to be based on a content related to fashion. Before coming to the interview, you may prepare your portfolio as a presentation folder that depicts the branch of art you are interested in, and your competency within that area.
The interview duration is 15 minutes for each applicant and each applicant will receive a timeslot reserved for their interview time. 

Before the interview, applicants are required to prepare their answers for the following questions:

•    What is your perspective on fashion?
•    Which Turkish/International designers do you follow?
•    Which Turkish/International brands are you interested in?
•    What are your future goals?
•    Why İMA?