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‘Crafting Retail’ Seminar and Workshop by Collaboration of İMA, Artez and Dutch DFA


28 November, 2012

A one- week training Project titled ‘Crafting Retail’ was held by the collaboration of İMA and ArtEZ, one of Holland’s leading art schools.  10 master degree students in the field of ‘Fashion Strategy’ from Artez worked with İMA design students in a co-project aiming to analyze and compare local and global retail trends.

Prior to the workshop, speakers from Holland Judith ter Haar and Walter America, shared their experiences of the sector and training with participants of the Crafting Retail seminar. Aiming to bring a visual perspective to retailing concept of the future within the framework of both cultural elements and global trends, the seminar attracted much attraction from the sector as well as students.  During the 4-day workshop following the seminar, students from İMA and  Artez worked on the pop-up store project for İMA and analyzed the retail market in İstanbul by visiting pop-up stores, department stores and a number of shops. As an output, students worked in groups to prepare their own projects and presented them.  

Crafting Retail Seminar Speakers:

Judith ter Haar is a world famous retail fashion expert and curator. 
Basing her presentation on her own career, Judith ter Haar will approach the issue from a retailer point of view, focusing on the importance of Curated Stores (a combination of commercial and cultural approach in design).

Walter America is an independent expert in creative industries, focusing on branding and design.
Walter America will emphasize the importance of product, service and experience in providing integrated solutions regarding content, concept and scope.