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Visual Merchandising

3,5 months (90 hours)

Day and Time 
Tuesday and Thursday 18.30 - 21.30

Start Date
9 March 2021


For more detailed information:
Telephone: 0212 219 41 41 (1114-1217)

This program conveys all details on visual merchandising techniques. You will expand your general knowledge of fashion and become familiar with the fields of marketing and retail.

Throughout the program, you will observe visual merchandising practices and their impacts on a brand image, and gain experience of in-store practices that are performed with the help of industry collaborations. At the end of the program, you will create a store window design for a brand. You will present in-store section and styling works to the brand managers with a presentation that includes displaying the visual store window models.

  • Improve your general knowledge on fashion,
  • Learn the fundamental principles of visual merchandising,
  • Build a foundation in the fields of marketing and retail,
  • Gain experience of in-store section practices, styling and rigging techniques,
  • Empower your practical skills by conducting model workshops for visual merchandising,
  • Have the opportunity to build a network due to projects carried out in cooperation with the brand, including lecturers from the sector.

Anyone who;

  • Has experience in the areas of visual sales, visual product management and store visual design,
  • Wants to make a fresh start in the visual operations field,
  • Works as a store or brand owner, or a store manager.
  • Visual Operations Specialist 
    (Visual Merchandiser)

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


General Knowledge on Fashion: This module examines all of the fashion trends from past to present, the delivery processes of styles and trends, and examples of visual applications and designs from international platforms, and enhances participants' fashion perception.

Fashion Marketing and Communications: Addresses the brand image of visual merchandising and its role in communications, as well as the fundamentals of fashion marketing, current marketing trends and consumer behaviors.

Fashion Retailing: Gives information about the current structure of the retail sector, and its trends and dynamics in Turkey, as well as international platforms.

Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising: Examines all "Visual Merchandising" fields such as concept and brand identity consistency, visual operations, space usage, lighting, windows, etc. in a selected store. Theoretically and practically addresses fundamental fashion information, the main techniques of visual merchandising, field management, in-store and window application techniques, display techniques for different categories and special days, and styling topics on visual applications.

Project: At the end of the program, as a final project, you will design a window model in line with the brief of a brand from the sector, and you will present the project to the brand officials and trainers.