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"There was an incomprehensibility in the sector in the early years when I first started to work. Thanks to fashion magazines, "branded" brands, and guides such as IMA, those times have passed.
The styling training aims to educate "eyes" that can make correct choices and extraordinary mixes for readers in today's polyphonic fashion environment. Just like a great DJ, a stylist plays the role of a person who leads the music, even if they are not the composer..."

Yaprak Gerçek General Director, Stylist, Fashion Editor

3,5 Months (94 hours)

Day and Time Saturday 
Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

Start Date
25 September 2021


For more detailed information:
Telephone: 90+ 212 219 41 41 

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The best way to build a unique story and convey an emotion is to create a visual composition using several carefully selected elements.

This program teaches you the fundamental elements of styling, the roles and responsibilities of a stylist, and work fields they can work in, from a broad perspective. You will become familiar with the historical evolution of fashion, and improve your general fashion knowledge. 
At the end of the program, you will acquire skills and experience while performing photo shoots, and you will have a strong portfolio.

  • Have a robust theoretical foundation,
  • Gain skills in shooting process planning and execution,
  • Learn the principles of working with a film crew and creative team,
  • Build a network,
  • Have a professional portfolio.
  • Anyone who is interested in fashion and brand image creation,
  • Anyone who aims to be a stylist or a style advisor,
  • Anyone who works in the areas of industry design, visual communications or management, and who wants to improve themselves in the styling field.

You can work in fashion magazines, newspapers, online publications or online shopping (or e-commerce) websites, or as a freelancer, in the following positions:

  • Stylist,
  • Style Editor,
  • Style Consultant,
  • Fashion Editor

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


General Knowledge on Fashion: Presents information on the historical development of fashion, the key individuals and companies of the fashion industry, the current fashion news, and fashion calendars, as well as fashion weeks and capitals. This module provides a foundation for symbolic meanings on clothing, material information, design cycle and process, fashion, and textile and trend concepts.

Styling: Consists of the following subject headings: editorial styling for magazines, still life for product promotions of brands, advertising and catalog styling, the recently popular trend of costume styling for TV series and cinema, fashion show styling, and tailor-made image and style consulting. 
Other subject headings included in this module are stylist and fashion photographer cooperation prior to photo shoots, light reading, understanding pictures, camera lighting accessories, and camera types.

Project: At the end of the program, you will perform shoots with a professional team consisting of stylists, fashion photographers, models, and hair and make-up design specialists. Gain experience with shoots that are carried out in cooperation with brands.