Shoe Designing Techniques | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



Shoe Designing Techniques

Those who wish to design shoes and create their own collection; do you know which path to follow in shoe designing process?

4 Month(96 Hours)

Day and Time:
Tuesday and Thursday, 18:30 – 21:30

Start Date:
23 November 2021


This Program, where you will learn about all of the processes from the history of shoes to shoe making, also contains information on leather types, colors, and color-material relationship.

  • You will learn about foot anatomy and shoe construction,

  • You will learn about shoe drawing and methods and techniques,

  • You will learn how to prepare moodboard and create prototypes, and production preparation processes,
  • You will create a shoe prototype for the collection,
  • You will learn about collection presentation.
  • Those who wish to design shoes and create their own shoe collection
  • Shoe Stylist
  • Shoe Design Assistant

Participants will be selected by interviews.


Information on the Shoe Industry, Brand and Product Analysis

  • History of Shoes
  • Brand Analysis
  • Identity and customer group of world brands
  • Shoe industry in Turkey

Foot Anatomy and Shoe Construction

  • Anatomy drawing
  • Foot drawing from different angles
  • Foot drawing based on different heel sizes
  • Ratio-proportion perspective
  • Transition from foot form drawings to shoe pattern drawings
  • Pattern, heel, sole samples
  • Pattern drawing from different heights and angles
  • Description of terminology used (pressure points-milo-contre pied etc.)

Introduction of Materials and Material-Color Relationship

  • Leather types
  • Color knowledge and Material-Color Relationship
  • Deri baskısı teknikleri (taş baskı, lazer, nakış, aplike, perfore, sıcak kalıp baskı, serigrafi)
  • Leather press techniques (stone press, laser, embroidery, appliqué, perforation, hot pattern press, serigraphy)

Shoe Models and Technical Drawing Methods

  • General information about shoe models
Oxford, derby, feta, mule, mary jane, chelsea etc. shoe models
  • General information about shoe drawing methods
  • 3-D drawing, illustration, exploted drawing, displaying drawing visuals on patterns
  • Drawing exercises for different shoe models
  • Sketch drawing exercises
  • Technical drawing exercises

Collection Theme Flow and Formation of Processes

  • Research and concept development
  • Collecting information on the selected theme
  • Trend analysis
  • Research book
  • Color palette selection
  • Research evaluation methods
  • Moodboard description and content (introduction of traditional and digital methods)
  • Combination of colors, materials and details with moodboard
  • Collection research drawings and sketch drawing

Creating Prototype and Presentation:  Participants create a shoe prototype in line with their theme and a collection in line with this prototype. They present their collection drawings with the prototype.

  • Production and follow-up
  • Presentation and evaluation