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Portfolio Preparation and Fine Art Drawing Program

After attending the right preparatory program, you can be the student of your wish school. A portfolio is a visual identity to express your design perception.

32 weeks - 384 hours

Days and Hours:
Monday-Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Start Date:
15 November 2021


For detailed information:
Melek Çalışmaz
Academic Training Sales Administrator
+90212 2194141 (1215)

You will strengthen your drawing skills and make practices to improve your creativity and vision with this program where you will learn the fine arts principles of the arts and design schools mostly in Turkey and in foreign countries.

After gaining the required knowledge and skills with your experiences in fields ranging from research practices and basic arts studies to design practices, collection project and presentation techniques, you will be ready for the talent examination of the fine arts schools you are interested in.

  • Be able to combine your ideas with the visual communication skills,
  • Improve your drawing skills,
  • Ready for the Fine Arts Entrance Examinations and presentation

Students in their last year of high school or newly graduated from high school preparing for FINE ARTS entrances EXAMINATIONS and interested in having education in IMA and similar local/foreign fashion academies or in

  • Textile and fashion design
  • Textile
  • Stage decoration and costume

departments of Fine Arts faculties of the universities and persons who will start taking drawing lessons for the first time or wish to develop their skills in this field.




Basic Arts Principles

Basic arts education explains the basic principles and concepts related to the arts and helps students develop observation skills and express their vision with arts.

  • Competent drawings techniques
  • Composition studies
  • Texture researches and pattern studies
  • Mechanical movements of the body drawings.
  • Free composition
  • Color theory and application
  • Pencil drawing techniques
  • Basic portraiture drawings exercises
  • Anatomical information and proportions of the body
  • Figure and object compositions /Imaginary composition and figure drawings
  • Painting with different materials (watercolor painting, ecoline markers, gouache)
3 Dimensional Works
  • With free material choices creating 3D works which defines vision of student.
  • Creative collage exercises in a 3 size
Practice and Project; Museum tour and figure study on the subject of inspiration.
  • Museum tours are planned and after the tour to İstanbul Archeology Museum, students can experiment drawings skills from the historiacal sculpture and 3d dimension perception comprehension. They can prepare a portfolio including their experimental drawings on their subject and inspiration.
Autoportrait vs. Selfie
  • Students make from different angles drawings from their selfies.
  • Each week one drawing will expected from students.
Experimental Art Project

They will project with narrative explanation and chosen subject through a social political literary slogan /message or art.

  • Students are expected to deliver 5 different posters.
  • Students are expected to deliver a work comprising with graphic design principals.

Research and Creating a Visual Language

  • Thinking methods are developed through basic design principles and the processes of design principles are discussed.
  • Developing a basic design related thinking structure
  • Design processes
  • Creating design processes with different textures and materials
  • Color theory and application
  • Introduction to computer-aided practice lessons
  • Creating lay-out and works for different page structures 
  • Creating design processes with different textures and materials
Practice & Project: Fashion Lab
  • Determining a theme and carrying our research processes
  • Creating a collection structure by using artistic illustration techniques
  • Developing collection research processes with different free techniques (texture, detail, layer)
  • Form and silhouette studies 
  • Techniques and practices to create a mood board; digital and 3 dimensional works
  • Fabric manipulations 
  • Mini draping techniques and practices
  • Researches on fabric sampling
  • Preparing final line - up
Practice & Project: 3D Surfaces

Students are encouraged to create their own forms with the use of three dimensional research methods. 

  • Preparing different volumes through experimenting with anatomy 
  • Translating 2 dimensional ideas into 3 dimensional figures
  • Placing these 3 dimensional forms on the body
Practice & Project: Texture, Form and Fabric Manipulation

Various new textures are created by combining different materials and fabrics.

  • Preparing 5 different textures by using fabric, plastic, rope, painting materials
  • Preparing a collection by using these 5 different textures (collection must include 6 looks)

Presentation Techniques & Portfolio Structure

  • Recognizing and understanding of portfolio types 
  • Typography and graphic structures for portfolio
  • Developing portfolio arrangement techniques
  • One-to-one sessions with students for presentation techniques 
  • Pecha Kucha presentation techniques and developing explanation skills
Final Presentation

Students make the presentation of their projects including their works during the program. Demo presentation is made to strengthen the students’ expression skills.