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Personal Fashion Styling

5 months (120 hours)

Days and Hours:
Monday and Wednesday, 18.30 - 21.30

Start Date:
19 October 2021


For detailed information: 
+90 212 219 41 41

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Creating a style for the elements that are special to an individual or institution is possible with a harmonious combination of art and science, along with strong visual talent.

Presenting you the necessary theoretical foundation to be a professional image consultant, the program aims to make you a specialist in correct and efficient style creation applications.

At the end of the program, having understood your skills, you can start consulting by specializing in one or all of the following areas; color consulting, personal consulting, wardrobe consulting.

  • Have a strong theoretical background,
  • Determine an individual's needs by analyzing their life from professional and social aspects,
  • Define the correct style for individuals,
  • Become an expert in style creation,
  • Be able to make a body analysis and suggest outfits according to body types,
  • Be able to conduct color analysis, combine colors and suggest outfits according to individuals' skin color,
  • Prepare capsule wardrobes according to different body types, styles, goals, and life styles,
  • Suggest outfits for different events or special days on professional or social media,
  • Combine vintage clothing and accessories in a modern fashion,
  • Learn the principles of hair and make-up practices, and make suggestions on custom hair and make-up,
  • Have knowledge about shopping strategies for efficient shopping,
  • Prepare Lookbook,
  • Be able to carry out dress code studies that are compatible with companies' strategies, and corporate culture,
  • Build a network,
  • Explore the aspects you need to improve as a Image Consultant.
  • Anyone who wants to become a Image Consultant.
  • Anyone who wants to carry out their or goals in their social, professional or private life by creating their own style.
  • Image Consultant
  • Personal Shopper
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Color Consultant

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.


General Knowledge on Fashion: Starting by examining the history of costume and fashion, this module addresses the topics that form fashion terminology, which are fashion, textile and trend concepts, and semiotics of clothes, fabrics, and cutting.
In addition to the information on key individuals and companies who have created the building blocks of the fashion industry, fashion calendars, fashion weeks, and fashion capitals, this module also teaches the main topics of trend monitoring and trend interpretation.

Image Consulting: Including the main topics of the program, this module teaches the principles of becoming a successful style consultant. This process, which begins with analyzing a client and determining their needs, continues with teaching how to make a style analysis to determine the proper style for the client and how to choose the right outfit according to different body types.
At the end of the wardrobe module, which has a section including making the maximum combination with clothes in a wardrobe, capsule wardrobe creation, accessories (shoes, glasses, hats, belts, jewelry, precious stones, etc. ), and beach clothing as well as evening dresses, a shopping module teaches the key points of both wardrobe consulting and personal shopper.
Other main topics of this module are color analysis, selection and combination, choosing the right make-up and hair style, which are ideal for a person's color or an event, the use of vintage clothing, and "celebrity styling" for celebrities.
Applying all the theoretical information you have received during the module to a client whom you will indicate at the beginning of the course, you will experience a style consulting process from A to Z.

Corporate Consulting: The main topics of this module are determining the needs of institutions, and building a strategy and a proper dress code study according to these needs, office wear, and institution-specific dressing.
Communication, table manners, drinking culture, and cultural differences among countries are other topics to be addressed.

Program is concluded with the continuous development of the image consultant.