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Master Class: Fashion Management

2 months - 165 Hours

Day and Time:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10.00 – 17.00 

Start Date 
29 November 2021


For more detailed information: 
0212 219 41 41

Do you know that strong brands that have a good command of the dynamics of their industry and have reliable data at the heart of their management strategy get a sustainable advantage over the competition?

As a strategic marketing tool, brands are a bridge between the buyer and the seller. All processes relating to a brand from marketing to sales, communication and customer relationship management must be properly devised and managed.

In today's business world, brands represent an individuality that defends an idea, provides an emotional benefit as well as a physical benefit, thus impacting people's perception of quality and value; innovation drives employment and exports while increasing the company's share value, providing a positive contribution to relationships with suppliers and agents. Therefore, the brand is recognized as an asset, so the management of the values it offers to the customer requires a separate expertise.

In the fashion industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world where different creative ideas emerge, products, competitors and markets are rapidly changing, it takes a lot of expertise to deliver elements that make it hard for consumers to choose and to manage the value right.

Master Class: The Fashion Management program will help you specialize in fashion management and expand your communications network by case studies, industry visits and meetings with industry professionals taking part in the program-specific ‘Fashion Council’.

The program provides a 360-degree view of the specifics of brand management, communications and procurement methodologies, while looking closer into today's digital marketing communication media, new marketing methods such as influencer marketing, sustainable fashion, which is becoming increasingly important for the brands.

  • You will have a well-equipped knowledge of the general fashion culture and ready-wear industry with theoretical knowledge, detailed readings and applications,
  • Gain a fashion and design-focused perspective on marketing and brand management,
  • Learn about the latest developments and current applications in management and marketing,
  • Have a god command of fashion retail and supply chain processes from product planning to management,
  • Learn about the innovations in technology and digitalization in marketing, management, supply chain and retail,
  • Have a reference that can be used in business with industry projects,
  • Develop a solution-focused perspective with case studies, and
  • Have the opportunity to hear real-life experiences first-hand, while creating a broad network of communication about the industry with the instructor staff, fashion council, designer visits and projects.


  • Those seeking an executive career in fashion
  • Seeking to create their own fashion brand
  • Seeking to work in different areas of the fashion industry to develop themselves.

You can work in brand, marketing and retail at retail companies in fashion and textile, brand distributors, multi-brand-buyer chain store organizations:

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Fashion Entrepreneur

Participants will be selected by interviews.
Participants must be at least an undergraduate student or hold an undergraduate degree.


1.Global Look at the Fashion Industry

Starting with the historical development of fashion, this module covers individuals active in the fashion industry, fashion brands, current fashion news, fashion calendar, fashion events, fashion weeks and capitals, trend tracking and analysis, as well as basic fabric knowledge and sustainable fashion concepts, and provides participants with an overview of how the fashion industry operates and the strategic developments in online/offline fashion.

  • The history and development of fashion and ready-wear
  • The key players in fashion
  • The way the fashion and ready-wear industry works
  • Fashion calendar and events
  • Fashion weeks and fashion capitals
  • Trend tracking and analysis
  • Eco, ethical and sustainable fashion concepts
  • Basic fabric knowledge
  • Strategic developments in online and offline fashion
2.Strategic Fashion Brand Management

This module covers brand concept, target audience, SWOT analysis, and looks into successful brand strategies from the world and Turkey through case studies, brand stories and applications.

  • Brand concept and management
  • Being a brand in fashion and creating a brand value
  • Current brand understanding and applications
  • Brand identity development and positioning, SWOT analysis
  • Key features of powerful global brands
  • Luxury brand management
  • Creative and design-focused thinking
  • Fashion entrepreneurship and branding
3.Fashion Marketing & Communication

This module explores the concept of fashion marketing, marketing communication media, and the current concepts in marketing in detail.

  • Fashion marketing essentials
  • Marketing plan creation, marketing mix
  • New trends in marketing (green marketing, subscription marketing, content marketing, neuro marketing)
  • Consumer behavior in fashion
  • Market, trend research and segmentation
  • Understanding the competition analysis
  • Experience design
  • The basics of visual merchandising
  • Digital fashion marketing
  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Fashion PR
4.Next Generation Retail and Supply Chain

This module covers the planning and development stages of the collection, supply chain, building blocks of fashion retail, today's retail industry, experiential marketing in retail, product planning, and overseas market deployment.

  • Collection creation story
  • Critical roadmap
  • Production planning and control
  • Logistics and warehouse management
  • Building blocks of fashion retail
  • Development of the retail sector and business models in fashion retail
  • Retail mathematics and KPIs
  • Effective sales strategies in fashion retail
  • Fashion retail management in international markets
  • CRM customer relationship management
5.Guest Speakers

You will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals including brand managers, fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, fashion photographers, stylists and influencers to listen to their experiences.

6.Fashion Designer Visits

Visiting the offices of successful fashion designers, you will examine the workspaces and methods of figures driving the fashion in Turkey and listen to designers telling about their journey beginning with design viewpoints, creation, production and distribution processes and continuing with fashion weeks.

7.Field Studies: Reviewing and Analyzing Brands from Different Segments

An instructor-led visit is paid to a selected shopping mall. Brands in different segments are looked more closely. Then, the brand identity and analysis are carried out on the brands reviewed.

8.Fashion Council

As specific to the Fashion Management programs, with a broad fashion council consisting of company managers, successful next-generation fashion entrepreneurs, influencers, stylists and photographers, participants will have the opportunity to meet with key industry leaders in Turkey to expand their communications network and exchange ideas.

Fashion Council:
Asena Sarıbatur, Influencer
Beste ve Merve Manastır, Manu Atelier Founder Partners
Bünyamin Aydın, Fashion Designer
Isham Sardouk, Koton Creative Director
Mehtap Elaidi, Fashion Designer
Meriç Küçük, Maritsa Store Founder Influencer
Nil Ertürk, Influencer
Ömer Taviloğlu, Mudo Board Chairman
Hande Çokrak, Mudo Creative Director
Önder Öztarhan, Vepa Group Board Chairman
Özden Özgür Masur, Fashion Designer
Rachel Araz, Influencer
Serra Türker, Misela-Founder
Şebnem Günay, Fashion Designer
Tuğba Ansen, Stylist
Yasemin Öğün, Fashion Passion -Influencer
Zeynep Çağın Kuleyin, Inditex Training and Business Development Manager
Zeynep Zenel, CEO,


The program is completed with an industry project. In this project, which is implemented with an international or local fashion brand, participants will have the opportunity to develop a true industry idea, solve problems, create a new idea; develop their competencies through group study, thus creating a more effective and more informative experience than simulation projects.

10.Extra Activities & Opportunities

Through the IMA, participants have the opportunity to attend key fashion events and get the extra possibilities that IMA has to offer.

  • Communication and career workshops
  • Elective short trainings
  • Participation in WGSN trend seminar
  • Participation in TGSD conference
  • Participation in MBFWI New Gen Show
11.Industry Meetings & Career Support

At the end of the training, participants will be provided with a training on effective CV preparation, effective communication and leadership.

With an Industry Meeting event, participants will have the opportunity to meet with key companies and promote themselves.