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Luxury Brand Management in Fashion

Luxury brand management has become much more dynamic with the radical change in the concept of luxury fashion, the worldwide change in luxury consumption preferences , the differentiation in fashion communication and the retail sector in the recent years.

2 months (48 hours)

Days and Hours
Monday and Wdnesday 18.30 - 21.30

Start Date:
22  February 2016


For detailed information: 
0212 219 41 41 Extension: 1203-1219

One of the most affected markets by these developments is the luxury fashion market in Turkey. IMA will be one step ahead in the concept of luxury in fashion with this new programme and offers an in-depth insight into the concept of luxury, luxury product description and consumer behavior.

  • Will have a view of luxury perspective for Marketing and brand management,
  • Will gain the chance to set a new strategic direction to your existing brand,
  • Will learn the whole process of luxury brand management by forming a new brand,
  • You will have the perception of luxury brands and consumers,
  • Will have examined the communication strategies and the changing luxury fashion market,
  • Will understand the importance of the role of the concept the “e-trade” in the global luxury market,
  • Will analyse the luxury brands in Turkey and the globally,
  • Will have the knowledge about current applications and the recent developments in international markets.
  • Those whose goal is to have a carrer in the luxury brand management field,
  • Those who work in the marketing, communication and brand management departments of the fashion sector and those who wish to improve themselves in luxury brand management,
  • Those who work in the marketing, communication and brand management departments of the other sectors and those who wish to move to the luxury fashion sector,
  • Those who wish to analyse an existing brand and to determine a new strategic direction in the light of this knowledge,
  • Those who wish to create their own fashion brand.
  • Brand Manager / Expert
  • Marketing and Communication Expert

Applicants will attend an interview for admission.



Luxury Brand and Product Description

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in luxury: The Evolution of Luxury Concepts
  • Development of Luxury Brand Definition and the Market
  • Luxury Brand Sector and its leaders in the World
  • Luxury Brand Identity and Positioning
  • Luxury Product Design and Production

Luxury Brand Marketing and Communication

  • Trends, Consumer and Market Research
  • Changing Luxury Communication Strategies and Practices
  • Digital Luxury Marketing Strategies and Practices

The Luxury Brand Retail

  • Retail and Merchandising Strategies
  • Packaging, Store and Shop Window Design
  • Luxury Brand Experiential Marketing

Successful Luxury Brand Applications Globally and in Turkey

  • Development of Accessible Luxury Market
  • Customizing Luxury Fashion
  • Development of Luxury Brand Trends and Market Dynamics

At the end of the training, the partipiants will perform a presentation of a final project which includes visual showcase models prepared in accordance with the chosen brand image in line with advice of trainers and an examination of brand of showcase designed by themselves. Also, they will have gained the skills for the creation of VM booklet technique.