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Foundation Year In Fashion Design Program

Days and Hours:
Monday- Tuesday - Thursday - Friday
09:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Start Date: November 2, 2020

Duration: 7 months 569 hours

Turkish & English
For detailed information:
0212 219 41 41 (1114)

Foundation Year in Fashion Design is a preparatory program for undergraduate education in fashion design. It helps persons who are interested in an education in fashion design to discover their talent and gain the required skills to successfully complete the undergraduate degree.
This program enables you to improve your abilities in a creative environment and reach an adequate level by learning fashion culture, research methodology and academic skills. It also provides a good opportunity to have knowledge in fashion design principles, idea generation stages and design practices.
Foundation Year is designed as an introductory program for Istanbul Moda Academy Fashion Design and Technology Undergraduate Program. Students who have successfully completed this education will be entitled to participate in Fashion Design and Technology Undergraduate Program.

  • Creative research and practice,
  • Material recognition,
  • Idea generation,
  • Design methodology,
  • Industry,
  • Introductory level business English,
  • Personal development areas.

High-school graduates who are interested in having an undergraduate education in fashion design, University graduates with an undergraduate or associate degree in a different field and interested in having an undergraduate education in fashion design


Module 1: Design and Research Methodology

Thinking methods are developed through basic design principles and the processes of design principles are discussed.

- Basic design related thinking and research structure
- Design processes with different textures and materials
- Color theory and application
- Creating lay-out and works for different page structures
- Design processes with different textures and materials
- Introduction to draping techniques

Module 2: Basic Arts Education and Drawing Skills

The aim is to understand and apply the basic principles and common values in the fields of arts and design. Creativity is prioritized in basic arts education; critical thinking is developed, and each student receives tailored guidance according to their personal development areas and tendencies.

- History of fashion and arts
- Relationship between arts and fashion
- Fashion ecosystem
- Drawing techniques
- Composition studies
- Texture researches and pattern studies
- Form seeking studies
- Free composition
- Color theory and application
- Pencil drawing techniques
- Portrait studies
- Imaginative figure and object compositions


Module 3: Student’s Personal Development and Talent Management

The aim is to enable the students to express their works in an appropriate way and make a strong presentation in accordance with the design language and structure.

- Recognizing and understanding of presentation techniques
- Presenting the works in a graphically correct way
- Works on presentation and expression techniques
- Introduction to business English