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E-Trade and Digital Marketing in Fashion

Do not stay behind the rapidly changing digital world.

1,5 Month (27 Hours) 

Day and Time
Tuesday and Thursday 
18:30 – 21:30

Start Date:
17 October 2017


This program that will focus on the potential of Internet retailing of the ready wear and luxury fashion segments contains basic information and functional tips in all relevant topics from digital marketing to strategy management, from search engine optimization to customer relationship, from infrastructure selection to photo presentation.

During this program where you will gain experience on how to develop a digital platform, you will prepare an e-trade project from scratch.

  • You will have a good command of digital marketing and e-trade applications,
You will be able to manage or supervise the management of all basic processes required by an e-trade website,
  • You will experience developing a digital platform with an e-trade project.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to progress with a focus on fashion and e-trade,
  • Industry workers who are experienced in traditional marketing and interested in digital marketing,
Designers and company owners who have a well-established position in the fashion retail sector and wish to expand their brands to the digital world in line with today's trends. 

  • Digital Marketing Specialist,
Digital Content Specialist,
E-Trade Specialist,
  • SEO Specialist.

Participants will be selected by interviews.


Digital World & Main Strategy

  • Ready wear and luxury fashion in the global Internet retail market
  • Different e-trade models and creative ideas

  • Neuro-marketing
  • Brand domain name selection strategies
  • What is big data? How to use it in CRM strategies?
  • What is Virtual POS? Alternative collection types and integration
  • Cargo arrangements, consignment timing and budgets
  • Customs processes and cargo options for foreign sales


  • Supplier selection and e-trade-compliant fast procurement
  • Price competition and deferred payment under market conditions
Negotiation techniques
Repeat order structure and supplier management systems
Trend-based predictive procurement
  • Setting deadline and creating penal terms
Identifying and settling return conditions

Infrastructures & Digital Marketing

  • Infrastructure selection and alternatives
Mobile site and applications
How to select, use and price keywords in Google AdWords search network advertising
  • Re-marketing structure and establishment
  • Conversion-based advertising, conditions and application
Alternatives, advantages and disadvantages of social media advertising

Facebook’s targeting algorithm, re-targeting system
Twitter's targeting method, potential budgets, practical applications

Difference of Instagram ads, when to be prefer them and budget and practical applications

  • Display advertising
  • Omni-channel marketing
Affiliate marketing 

SEO, E-mail Marketing & Advanced-level Strategy

  • What is SEO?

  • General operation of Google algorithm
SERP concept and what to do for an organic uptrend
What is backlink? Different backlink types and Google's way of interpreting these links

What is SEO-compatible article; writing rules and how to link it?
Google webmaster tools management

What is site map? Code structure and practical applications
What is link disavow? Significance and practical applications
Google Penalties, solution alternatives
Google Analytics Management
  • What is inbox rate in e-mail marketing and how to increase it?

  • What is Return Path certificate? How to obtain it and what is its use?
What is track mail? How to detect it?
What is bounce mail? How does it affect the inbox rate?

  • Life-time value concept
  • Break-even point and general performance evaluation
  • Important points in foreign e-trade
Reasons and solution methods for possible interruptions in the procurement process 

E-Trade Photography

Minimum required equipment; prices, shopping recommendations
E-Trade - minimum requirements for a product photograph studio
  • How to select a model? Budgets, agencies

Important tips for model preparation process
Light, soft-box and background loop use
Tips and required materials for decoupled photos
Re-touch application in Photoshop

Customer Services in Digital World

  • Structure of Customers Services team
  • Outbound – Inbound separation and applications
  • Customer service applications
  • Live communication and a chat/mail comparison
  • Return management

  • Management of cargo companies by customer services
  • Additional sales
  • Enablement and premium systems
  • Measuring customer service quality
  • Complaint management