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Denim Washing Techniques


2.5 months (54 hours)

Day and Time

Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

Starting Date

1 October 2022






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Denim which was used in the 1870s as work clothing for miners and cowboys, takes a significant place in the field of ready wear today. It is developed through different washing techniques and various finishing operations and continuously renewed with forms and ornaments. A denim product passing through quite difficult stages that require experience is given its characteristics and final appearance upon ‘denim washing process’.

With this program in which, starting from the characteristics of denim fabric, you will practically experience the stages of denim manufacturing and washing operations you can also learn current denim washing trends and find career opportunities in various management positions in denim sector extending to manufacturing, marketing and sales with the skills you will acquire.


  • have a grasp of basic textile knowledge ranging from fiber to denim garment production,
  • have experienced denim manufacturing, washing types and current washing practices,
  • have learned risk factors in denim washing processes, and denim dyeing techniques,
  • have an opinion about the major brands that set the trend in denim washing world,
  • and be able to create a network taking the advantage of experience of industry professionals.

Those who are working or targeting a career in denim industry;

  • Fashion designers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Product tracking and quality officers
  • Planning officers
  • Buyers
  • Customer representatives


Basic Textile and Denim Knowledge

In this module, candidate managers are expected to comprehend basic textile and denim knowledge.

  • Fiber and fiber types
  • Yarn manufacturing and yarn numbers
  • Denim fabric manufacturing stages
  • Denim finishing operations
  • Fabric defects and fabric tests
  • How is denim manufactured?
  • Denim manufacturing planning
  • Cutting, sewing and fit information in denim manufacturing
  • General knowledge of denim
  • Determining denim washing and apparel manufacturing needs
Denim Washing Operations

Denim washing operations and current washing trends are demonstrated to the participants in practice, ensuring involvement of participants. The content given in theoretical lesson is demonstrated on the product in detail and studied proceeding together with the participants.

Washing Applications Dry Process

  • Grinding
  • Whiskering
  • Scrapping, destroy

Wet Processes

  • Pre-Wash
  • Stone Wash
  • Enzyme Wash
  • Bleach Wash
  • Rinse Wash
  • Ice Wash
  • Snow Wash
  • Chemical Spray and Local Applications
Dyeing Techniques

Bu bölümde denim ve kumaş  boyama  özellikleri, yapılış  aşamaları ile uygulamalı olarak gösterilir.

In this section, features of denim and fabric dyeing are demonstrated in practice along with application stages.

  • Piece Dyeing Techniques
  • Indigo Dyeing Techniques
Sustainable Denim
  • Products and Applications Regarding Sustainability in Denim Industry
  • Sustainable Brands and Market Knowledge
  • Innovations in Sustainable Denim and Forward-Looking Approaches