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Collection Building and Planning

In today's retail conditions, in order to compete with intense competition, organizations need to set their periodic targets with flawless planning.

2.5 Months (63 Hrs)

Days and Hours:
Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 – 17.00

Starting Date:
19 September 2021


For more detailed information:
Telephone: 0212 219 41 41

When you determine your appropriate product range for your target audiance do you take into account fashion and consumer trends? Can you measure whether your product source is efficient or not in terms of timing and the profitability?

This programme, as well as teaching you the correct planning methods required to create a collection, offers the opportunity to do analysis of your own brand. In this way, you will create a range plan, be able to analyse past and future trends, develop collection themes and moodboard through the collection mathematics. With a strong level of collection planning logic, you will become familiar with the intricacies of the technical development of innovative ideas.

  • Consumer behavior
  • Brand and competitor analysis
  • Past and future seasons trends analysis and predictions
  • Data analysis and effective planning methods,
  • To read and interpret visuals,
  • Devoloping a collection plan in line with sales and purchasing budgets

Fashion and employees located in the following positions at retail companies in the textile sector and those who want to improve themselves in effective planning:

  • Merchandiser
  • Buyer
  • Fashion Designer

Participants are selected by interviews.



Collection Planning; This module (which examines brand perception, competitor analysis, consumer behavior and retail calander), will explore financial budgeting which forms the basis of collection planning, merchandise, creating range and line planning amongs other topics.  
The depth, with, pricing structure price ratio of range (which is an instrument used for the existing merchandising, the choice of products in line with the procorument budget, pricing,  setting distribution and sales forecast), will be analysied in detail and at the end of the module together with a  working range plan example will be done.

Collection Creation: In this module, the analysis of brand and designer collections will be done, new markets and new designer collections  will be examined; the formation, prediction and tracking of trends will be taught, new season trends, innovative new concepts, showcase reports and recent developments in retail will be discussed. Also, the theme waive of the idea of collection from designing and creation, creating a knowledge repository and research resources, developing innovative ideas, collection mathematics, moodboard preparation are amongst the other topics to be taught in this module.

Project: At the end of this programme, you will create a range plan and generate a mini collection in accordance with a specific target audience and theme.