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Collection Building and Planning

Companies need to set their seasonal targets with a perfect planning in order to cope with severe competition under today’s retail conditions.

2.5 months (63 hours)

Day and Time

Sunday 10.00 – 17.00

Starting Date

9 October 2022



This program intended for merchandiser, buyer, planning team and designers aims to ensure, considering fashion trends and consumer trends, that product range suitable for target group is determined with sufficient variety and product supply process progresses in accordance with the planning and becomes efficient in terms of timing and profitability.

At the end of this program during which merchandise and range plan creation, past and future trend analyses, creating theme plot, collection mathematics, mood board preparation and innovative idea development techniques will be taught, you will have a grasp of analysis and planning techniques required for creating a right collection and understand the particulars of collection creation.

  • be able to make brand and competitor,
  • be able to analyze past season trends and estimate next season trends,
  • have learned data analysis and effective planning methods,
  • acquire visual reading and interpreting skill,
  • be able to create collection and do planning in the light of and in parallel with sales and purchase budgets.

Those who have worked for companies in fashion retail and textile industry or exporter textile companies at least for one year in the following positions and wish to improve themselves in effective planning:

  • Merchandiser
  • Buyer
  • Fashion Designer


Creating Collection: In this module, brand and designer collections are analyzed, new markets and new designer collections are reviewed; formation of trends, estimation and tracking of trends, next season trends, innovative new concepts, storefront reports and the latest developments regarding merchandising are explained.

In this module in which brand perception, competitor analysis, consumer behaviors and retail calendar are analyzed, financial budget, merchandise plan, range plan and line formation that form the basis for collection planning are also among the topics covered.

  • Knowing the market
  • Brand and designer analyses
  • Brand perception
  • Brand values
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Behaviors
  • Trend, terminology and fashion concepts
  • Season trends
  • Retail calendar that steers collection
  • Merchandise plan
  • Analysis of financial conditions that affect collection and the budget
  • Stock and price planning for distribution and sales
  • Planning supply process

Collection Planning: Theme plot extending from designing a collection idea to creating it, creating information store and sources of research, innovative idea development, collection mathematics, mood board preparation are the topics to be taught under this module.

In addition, the depth, width, price structure and value/price ratio of the Range which is an instrument used for selection, pricing, distribution of products and for determining sales estimates in parallel with the existing merchandising plan and purchase budget will be analyzed in detail.

  • Analysis of targeted new markets
  • Sources of research and creating information store
  • Innovation
  • Preparation process from inspiration to collection
  • Concepts for collection development
  • Planning the structure and distribution of collection
  • Collection mathematics
  • Creating mood board
  • Theme plot
  • Range Plan

Project: Participants will create a mini collection by forming a range plan in line with a particular target group and theme at the end of the program.