CLO 3D Fashion Design Program | İstanbul Moda Akademisi



CLO 3D Fashion Design Program

3 months (72 hours)

Day and Time

Start Date
21 November 2020

Program Language

Training Method
Training will be conducted face to face in IMA IT classes.

Participants will be selected in interviews.

Preferably, participants must have pattern knowledge/be graduate of a vocational school, have a good command of Adobe programs/be a graduate of Design programs.

Computer-aided digital designs, with the extensive use of technology in the fashion industry, enables the connection between the customer and the manufacturer. 

CLO aims at the effective use of 3D programs in fashion design, and it enables the creation of true-to-life imageries with the latest simulation technologies.  Primarily you will learn how to create 3D fashion designs, patterns and technical work using CLO in this program.

At the end of the program, you will develop projects based on a selected theme. 

This training will create a new and significant business for the fashion industry, and you will have the opportunity to be among the industry's leading professionals.

  • You will have learned the theoretical infrastructure of the CLO 3D program and acquired skills using the application techniques,
  • You will be able to make digital artistic drawings, and implement 3D Design applications in fashion design, 
  • You will be able to create and present your own designs digitally in a virtual fashion show.
  • Good level of computer knowledge,
  • Basic Designer or Stylist knowledge and desire to develop in Digital Fashion Design,
  • Key knowledge of the Fashion Design programs including Photoshop & Illustrator, or computerized pattern programs,
  • Willing to work as a 3D Fashion Designer in the fashion industry. 
  • Digital Fashion Designer in the Textile and Fashion Industry


Getting to Know and Using the CLO 3D Program

▪ CLO is a 3D program that can convert 2D CAD production patterns into a virtual textile sample using polygonal systems. This module enables learning the program in depth and creating a professional 3D product visualization structure, and pattern, fabric, fitting, artwork, artistic drawing, and realistic works. Introduction to CLO 3D;

▪ Introduction of the system

▪ Acquiring a 3D point of view using project-based training materials

▪ Creating and developing patterns using pattern or local pattern tools in DXF format

▪ Creating Virtual Stitches and virtual stitch techniques

▪ Virtual Graphics and accessory studies

▪ Pantone/CLO: Creating an enriched color library with Pantone library.

▪ Creating and developing a textile surface, and manipulations

▪ Using textile materials, rigid modeling/mesh modeling

▪ Creating and developing an Apparel, Material, Stage, Avatar library

▪ Unlimited variant options

▪ Modular configuration

▪ Avatar editor

▪ Using an animation interface

▪ Render and light design

Visual Presentation and Project

At the end of the program, the objective is to create 3D apparel designs, and works that will bring out the creative intelligence for a web-based portfolio with advanced render and animation presentation tools that support the design.