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İMA has the privilege of close cooperation in projects with industry and supports its educational programs with these exclusive projects.

Educational Collaborations

They carry out projects in collaboration with both designers and significant brands through "designer and industry projects" included in the training programs.They get the opportunity to experience the process ranging from design to production and sales with the guidance of fashion professionals and designers. These projects provide significant benefits for the recruitment of the students in terms of getting to know the industry closely, acquiring the right skills and accessing the right networks.

Industrial Projects

The Industry Projects provide students witn an inside view of the fashion industry and ensures they are prepared fort he sector. The projects encompass differenet examples which touch on current issues of the industry, from case studies to visual research, from design development to material selection and sample production to the design process.

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Designer Projects

The Designer Projects are focussed on creating a language and line by enriching students’ recognition of themselves and ways in which they can be different. Thanks to these projects, students observe the wroking methods of desşgners by bringing them together with established brand designers. Moreover, the process of bringing a design into practice gives them practical experience in the skills needed in this process and in directing a creative team.

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Internship Cooperations

Personal and Professional development is not only limited to the program contents in İMA. İMA provides students and graduates with access to internships.This allows them to gain employment experience and skills within the workplace. Also these opportunities bridge the gap between achieving a degree and starting a career. İMA offers There are a number of internship opportunities in İMA’s training programs, including Fashion Design, Pattern and Model Development, Fashion Management, Fashion Photography, Fashion Journalism, Styling, Personal Fashion Styling, Fashion PR, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Companies and professionals interested in becoming a part of İMA’s network by offering students internships, are invited to contact


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Scholarship Collaborations

For İMA, the main criterium is talent and discovering young talent and offering them a bright career holds an important place in the İMA’s corporate culture. Scholarship opportunites are at the heart of the support given to these youngsters. The scholarship process at the İMA is fairliy practical and transparent.  

Candidate students who wish to receive a multi-dimensional fashion Education at international standards apply for a scholarship. These scholarship applications are then evaluated by the ‘‘Scholarship Committee’’ and the applications of students who meet the required criteria are accepted. In this way, youngsters have started out on enjoyable journeys into fashion.

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Career Support Collaborations

The İMA’s support for students begins with Education, but it does not end with graduation. İMA will always use all its networks, knowledge snd resources for its students. Being nourished by the industry and in return nurturing resources fort he industry, İMA takes on the responsibility of replacing effective human resources in the right places. The ‘‘Career Support Unit’’, which was created with this understanding, provides the necessary support for İMA students’ and graduates’ potentials, discovering their inclinations and identifiying their targets. İMA adopts and educational system which offers the possibility of students and graduates to meet with the sector and aids the enterprise of youngsters who are aiming to make a career in this field.

Event Collaborations

With the aim of developing and diversifying its students’ approaches to fashion, art and design and nurturing their visual and intellectual foundations, alongside academic and continuous training, İMA organises and hosts various valuable activities, such as seminars, workshops, fair and exhibitions, relating to art and fashion.

İMA provides companies event sponsorship opportunities to any art and fashion organisations in İstanbul. To find out how your company can get involved please contact:

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New Gen

New Gen is a platform that brings new talents trained in fashion design in Istanbul Fashion Academy and the industry together and gives these young designers the opportunity to display their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul. Organized by Istanbul Fashion Academy with the mission of introducing the graduates of fashion design to the fashion world, New Gen Fashion Show is selected every year by evaluation by a preliminary jury consisting of select experts from the industry and included in the MBFWI calendar.