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August ‘Open Day’ Guest; Ece Ege (Dice Kayek)


18 Ağustos, 2011

Istanbul Moda Academy (İMA) brought together students planning a career in fashion design with DICE KAYEK designer Ece Ege. 

İMA brought together students planning a career in fashion design with DICE KAYEK designer Ece Ege. While sharing her experiences in the sector, the renowned designer answered the students’ questions on the world of fashion. 

Held on Thursday, 18 August 2011 the open day activity offered a wide perspective in fashion, where İMA trainers also provided students with detailed information on educational programs offered at İMA. Ece Ege opened the doors to the future fashion world, where a global approach will rule as borders are weakening and religious, cultural and racial differences are gradually diminishing towards a common taste.  

In the entertaining and friendly environment of the chat, Ece Ege emphasized the power of education in the fashion industry, as in all other fields. With the aspiration to work in a creative profession since her childhood, she shared the difficulties and obstacles she faced in the different stages of her career underlining the fact that becoming a successful fashion designer does not depend merely on talent. Ege emphasized the necessity of a fully equipped education alongside one’s talent in drawing and design, coupled with hard work, patience, curiosity and research.  She argued that young fashion designers must focus on continuous self-improvement to hold their ground in a world of rapid change and development. 

Stating the important role of the comprehensive İMA training programs, from fashion design to editorship and styling, fashion retailing and merchandising to brand management in international markets as well as in filling the huge gaps in the Turkish fashion sector industry, Ege pointed out that the presence of an educational institution like İMA makes an immense contribution to the investments made in the textile sector in Turkey as well as offering young talents of fashion design a valuable opportunity of profound education in the industry.