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Istanbul Moda Academy 2009 Graduation Fashion Show and Exhibition


30 Haziran, 2009

Turkey’s most profound fashion education platform İstanbul Moda Academy (İMA), bringing up fashion designers of the future in the light of its 360 degree perspective to fashion held a magnificent graduation ceremony for 2011 graduates. 

Since its foundation in 2007, İstanbul Moda Academy (İMA), has exhibited works by their graduates at the school building in Teşvikiye. This year’s exhibition opening on 30 June 2011 was honored by İHKİB Chairperson Hikmet Tanrıverdi along with a number of prominent figures in the sector. The original designs of the 2011 graduates exhibited were proof of the students’ involvement in all stages of the process, not just creation of the design.  

İMA, is an exciting platform for fashion professionals and students, feeding on academy, fashion and textile industry to provide the sector with qualified human resources to develop and improve it. Graduates of İMA have gained invaluable experience through numerous projects they have fulfilled in the guidance of the industry’s and Turkey’s leading fashion designers and are now ready to pave their own way in the global industry as inquisitive, innovative and creative individuals with a vision. They are filled with great excitement to offer their initial design stories through this exhibition, as fashion designers of the future, equipped with the skill and ability to perceive established styles through creative eyes to shape them in extraordinary forms and structuring them in a three dimensional form with the help of their imagination, geometry and technology.