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Bridges to Fashion Conference and Exhibition Opening


17 Mayıs, 2008

A cultural activity aiming at emphasizing the importance of the cultural collaboration between Turkey and Holland  ‘Bridges to Fashion’, was hosted by European Union, Ministry of Finance (previously called Foreign Trade Undersecretariat) and İMA, founded within the framework of Fashion and Textile Business Clustering by Istanbul Textile and Ready Wear Exporters Union (İTKİB). ‘Bridges to Fashion’ is a project for the exchange of fashion activities between İstanbul and Rotterdam starting with outdoor activities including an exhibition at Rotterdam History Museum, a symposium and an exhibition of photography. The project kicked off in Turkey on 24 November 2008 with the activities organized at Koç Museum, playing a crucial the enhancement of the sociocultural dimensions of applied arts in the two countries as well as establishing a commercial dimension in the relations between Turkey &Holland. The metaphor for this project is Maas Nehri, Magere Brug, Golden Horn and the bridges on the Bosphorous.

Organized by Axcess International Projects and Consulate General of Holland, the first activity in Turkey ‘Bridges of Fashion ‘ was the conference and exhibition held at İMA on 25 November 2008.

Inspired by the exhibition title, renowned fashion designers from both countries prepared their collections. A total of 13 designers participated in the project, each presenting a single piece from their collection. Dutch designers involved in the project were Mada van Gaans, Emily Hermans, Jeroen van Tuyl, Sara Vrugt, EnD (Eva and Delia) and Bas Kosters en Edwin Oudshoorn.

Turkish designers Erol Albayrak, Ümit Ünal, Arzu Kaprol, Dilek Hanif, Hatice Gökçe and Özlem Süer’s designs ‘Bridges to Fashion‘ were presented at this prominent fashion event.