Trend Tracking and Research Methods


Duration: 12 Hours (3 hours x 4 days)

Day and Time: Monday-Wednesday 18:30-21:30

Starting Date: October 30 2013

Participation Fee: 360 TL

Language: Turkish

An introductory level course for those interested in fashion design and/or those working in this area who would like to learn about trend research methods.
Participants will analyze processes of developing design concepts aimed at current fashion markets and consumer groups, design in global fashion market and factors determining consumption inclinations, dynamics and practices for prediction in fashion trade and manipulate future and visual research for fashion concepts.


  • Emergence of Fashion Trends and Their Processes
  • Defining Trends and Evaluation 
  • Sources of Trend Tracking
  • Evaluation of Basic Fashion Concepts, Contemporary Fashion Culture and Contemporary Fashion Inclinations and Research 
  • Practice: Storyboard Preparation

Required Materials:

  • Notebook and Pen

Instructor: Şirin Ezgi Köksal. Following her graduation from Department of Fashion and Ready-wear Department at Ege University, Köksal finished Fashion Design Department of Dokuz Eylül University. Köksal, awarded third place in the Young Stylists Contest organized by Istanbul Textile and Ready-wear Exporter Unions (İTKİB) in 1996, has been determining themes for new collections at various firms by doing research on trends, preparing showrooms, making designs for international brands, and giving trainings at several institutions.