Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects help students prepare themselves for the industry, through acquiring an in-depth glimpse, in periodical intervals set to boost İMA’s education perspective based on professional principles. These projects are designed to produce an accurate example of the design process that covers visual research, design development, material selection, and sample production as well as case studies touching upon current industrial issues. All students in the field of fashion are encouraged to generate solutions to the debriefings drawn up by a company engaged in the industry. In doing so, they have the opportunity to experience processes they may face if they work for a leading company which has an active role in the sector; and how the processes from design to production take place in the business life. Hence, students gain courage to demonstrate innovative and exploratory approaches and create a better understanding of the current industrial and market circumstances.

Students receiving fashion design education within the scope of İMA Industrial projects design their collections taking debriefings from a company within the sector. Students receiving styling education prepare their mood boards according to the themes determined by the instructors and then they execute fashion shoots in accordance with the prepared mood boards. These are executed as editorials with the contributions of professional models and hair-make up teams. Styling combinations are made with the products sent by the brands supporting İMA. The students receiving fashion editorship education publish magazines as groups at the end of education composing of their projects such as styling, fashion-article writing, interview technics, fashion show reporting and shopping pages, which they realized during their education. 

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