Prospective Trend Publications

Prospective trend publications constitute an important part of sources in the field of fashion design. They are either in printed or electronic format, and reveal fashion colors, patterns and styles lying 18 months ahead of the current trends. Those publications are quite useful for students, trainers and the designers in the industry. Resources available from the library include:

Nelly Rody: Nelly Rody touching upon colors, fabrics, patterns, women’s apparel, women’s collections, men’s collections, underwear and home decoration is a semiannually printed publication by a French trend agency and aims at providing fashion enthusiasts with forecasts for subsequent seasons. Previous issues are available at our library. 

Stylesight: It is an electronic publication delivered via Internet. Its technology-based format serves the purpose of identification and revelation of influential trends in design. It is prepared by a New York based company. İMA terminals provide access to the source. Visit for further information.

Stylesight database is open to anyone.