Short Courses

İMA Short Courses are designed for a wide range of audience including professionals working in the fashion sector, individuals aiming to take part as professionals in the sector, launch their own business, plan a career change or develop themselves personally. These short courses are part-time education programs organized in the evening hours during week days or on the weekends intended for all interested in fashion.

One of the most important target of Short Courses programs, is training its students both in theory and by organizing practical studies with the participation of the industry’s leading designers and professionals and conveys to its students each stage relating to the industry. İMA Short Courses programs pursue the goal of training fashion professionals of the future, possessing an in-depth insight in fashion, design and arts, as well as an awareness of the global markets and aim to introduce a creative, innovative and future-steering workforce in the fields of textiles and apparel, two pivotal industries.

 Short Courses Programs

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