Workshop with Atıl Kutoğlu Within the Scope of EU-Turkey Cultural Bridges Project


15 February, 2011

Two renowned names of the fashion and design world met with sector representatives and students in İstanbul...

EU- Turkey Cultural Bridges Program continues with the heading “fashion and design”, following literature and cinema, with the aim of establishing a permanent partnership and dialogue between Turkey and Europe.  

The seminar was held on February 15 by collaboration of Istanbul Moda Academy (İMA) with the participation of the renowned fashion designer Atıl Kutoğlu, one of the cultural ambassadors to EU - Turkey Cultural Bridges Program along with Arturo Dell'Acqua Bellavitis, director of Milano Trienal Foundation and Museum and Head of Milano Polytechnic University Department of Industrial Design, Art and Fashion Design and Communication.   

Moderated by İMA art director and fashion design program leader Oylum Öktem İşözen, the seminar hosted Arturo Dell'Acqua Bellavitis, who started his presentation with a brief history of design in Italy and went on to explain that having taught design in a number of different countries, he has concluded that success is achieved by the balanced combination of esthetics, ergonomics, functionality and reality in design. Prof. Bellavitis also underlined that design and fashion are ways of self-expression and it is necessary for Turkish designers to reflect Istanbul’s existing cultural values in their work. 

Fashion designer Atıl Kutoğlu pointed out that lately fashion is liberalized at a faster pace, where the global world is establishing common tastes and an international style is beginning to flourish. Drawing the attention to the role fashion plays in the inter-cultural communication, Kutoğlu explained that fashion should not be considered only from the design point of view, but as a whole including all of its elements, such as management, retail and communication.

With approximately 300 participants, the seminar attracted a crowd of students and instructors from fashion and design schools in İstanbul, where the audience joined in the discussion with questions and comments. 

What is the EU- Turkey Cultural Bridges Program? 

Cultural Bridges Program aims at establishing a permanent collaboration between the EU and Turkey, by means of eliminating prejudices and over-sensitivity. To this end, thousands of artists gathered in Turkey and Europe in over a thousand events and activities. A total of 18 countries including Turkey are participating in the Project.   

Initiated in 2009, the program is run by projects of Goethe, Italian Culture Center, British Council and French Culture Center. A budget of 6.6 million Euro has been allocated out of EU funds to this project.