Together: An Exhibition of Turkish Designs&Italian Fabric, Clothes and Photographs


1 January, 2009

Together, a project realized with support from Italian Fashion and Textile Manufacturers Federation, Pratotrafe Consortium and Italian Fashion National Chamber of Commerce in March 2009, organized a trip to Italy’s leading textile regions Biella, Como and Prato for 10 young Turkish designers including İMA students and members of Fashion Designers Association (MTD). The objective was to choose the fabrics to be used in the collection titled “Complexity and Simplicity” inspired by architecture and graphic design.

This Project aimed at including young Turkish designers in the magical world of Italian textile. The young designers visited prominent fabric producers in Italy, where fashion designers and brands purchase their fabrics, and chose the fabrics they wanted to work with. The fabrics they selected were given to them as a gift. They went back to İstanbul in March and started working on their designs. Hence, designs of young stylists were adapted to Italy’s famous fabrics. " Together: Italian Fabric and Turkish Design” Exhibition was open to visitors at İMA until 2 July.